You can. End of Story.

While the focus of this blog entry is on Bryan, the title could apply to Bryan, me and basically anyone facing a goal. Bryan is 17 and is an extremely capable young man. I don’t say this flippantly or casually because there is absolutely nothing casual or inadvertent about where he is today. About 13 […]

What does the J stand for?

I go to see my Mom in her new place on the weekends. Yesterday, Bryan and I went on our way to his usual speech therapy and social group. We planned a regular visit which is about 20-30 minutes. I typically like to take her for a walk. She doesn’t talk much and mostly I […]

I won the powerball!!

Ok, settle down, no I didn’t win the actual powerball. If I did, do you think I would be blogging? No, I would be out figuring out how to allocate some funds to family and friends and then I would write some short blog from Florence. So pretty much everyone does that “what would you […]

Lolly, Lolly, Lolly get your adverbs here!

Bryan has always been able to communicate his needs. “I”m hungry”, “I go to the bathroom”, etc. But over the last year or so, thanks to Marcia, the greatest speech and language therapist here in So Fla and school, and maturity, Bryan’s vocabulary has expanded dramatically. It’s not just the longer sentences or answering questions, […]