Sanity Check

First week of school; new school for Bryan, private school focused on kids with neurodiversity. That’s the new term and I think it’s ok. Essentially the focus will be on life skills and academics that prepare him for independence. Independence is the goal, always. ¬†At age 16, he will have a job in the community. […]

Cancel the DNA test!

It’s so interesting when you are a parent to watch which traits your kids pick up from you. Sometimes this feeling can be exhilarating and joyful, like when you hear your children say please and thank you or hold the door for someone. Other times you get a mirror held up right to your face […]

Payback’s a big bitch

The fun never ends. I had episodes of anxiety as a child. I had diarrhea before anything important, which included a test, the first day of school every year, and any significant change. I made my parents miserable and I worked them over. I screamed, cried and carried on. When Bryan was little, about 4. […]

Autism Awareness

One of the great things about autism, and there are many great things, is the way other parents respond to your kid and the way you respond to their kid with autism. This week one of the families we know posted a photo on facebook of their son starting an internship at Sports Authority. I […]

Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

I’m beginning to wonder if I am. Jason is in 5th grade. Now don’t get me wrong, I can do all of the math, science, etc. I am not concerned if I am smarter than him in 5th grade academics, but not sure I am smarter than him in life. So all of the challenges […]

What the Helen of Troy is that?

I love that righteous feeling of cranking the Beastie Boys in my car on the way to work. The lyrics are “brilliant”; a mix of pop culture, puns, and almost rhyming words that always make me laugh. Each time I listen to a song I catch a little more and realize just how clever those […]

Appealing to the masses

My blog is very personal. I write about my family and the impact of autism on us.  Most of the time I try not to think about the readers or whether or not the information I’ve provided is appropriate for anyone in particular but hope my candor is appealing.  However, because autism doesn’t look the […]