What Does a Yellow Light Mean?

I was a big Taxi fan. If you don’t know what that is, yikes. Favorite bit of all time was when they were taking Jim Ignatowski,  brilliantly played by Christopher Lloyd, for his driving test. Anyway, Ignatowski is taking his written exam and he gets to the part where the question is “what does a yellow […]

And they called it puppy love…

There is truly nothing more delicious than puppy love. Our new puppy Ranger has been snuggly and delicious and a warm addition to our family. Our other pets seem to be adjusting slowly but they can enjoy their time now before he gets bigger than both of them put together. On Saturday Bryan got back […]

Break on through to the other side

Not a huge Doors fan, but respect the impact they made at the time. Jim Morrison, however, was pretty hot. This blog could have many other titles: Somewhere over the Rainbow I can see for miles and miles Light at the end of the tunnel Never underestimate the power of love I love it when […]