Love is Love is Love

I do not make New Year’s Resolutions, I make hourly resolutions. I couldn’t possibly store up all of my potential improvements to force them out in a year end blast. My journey is iterative and I’m forever fine tuning the workload. At this point there is also a collision between resolutions and  bucket list items. Kind […]

Extremophiles Unite!

I have this great daily calendar on my desk at work. Each day there is a new word to learn and it contains a definition and the use of the word in a sentence. Some of the words are really strange and you know you will never use them; others are interesting and fun. We […]

It’s a family affair.

So Bryan and the fifth grade class will leave for Sea World at noon and they come back tomorrow night; pick up is at 10pm at school. Deep breaths!!! Last night I took the boys to Target, they both have some Hanukkah money left and they are in search of Legos. Jason wants that Harry […]

A Chuckle and a Tear

Introspection…. I never really read blogs before I started blogging. From time to time an interesting autism one might catch my eye but truthfully I just wasn’t hooked into the whole blogosphere. Now I read a few blogs on a regular basis and I love to read people’s perspectives and observations, particularly on day-to-day life […]

Woo hoo I got the Indian

I have a serious passion, yes, passion, for milk duds and tootsie rolls. I made the mistake of telling my work group about this. So, after witnessing the meltdown on Monday ,one of the guys in my group, who is really terrific and supportive, brought in a bag of Tootsie Pops. At 8:30 I busted […]