barmitzvahcakeMy name is Jane Kaufman and I am a full time working mother. I am married with two wonderful sons, Bryan, age 14autismawareness, who has a diagnosis of PDD on the Autism Spectrum. Jason is a neuro-typical boy, age 11. I am married to Erwin Kaufman (Earl) and we are native New Yorkers, somehow living in Coral Springs, Florida. We live with our two Australian Shepherds Riggs and Ranger and our two rescue cats Merlin and Mystic. We also have a fighting fish named Rocky!
We love music and movies and especially our family unit.
We are Jewish by background but are not particularly religious. Our goal for our boys is to show them what life has to offer but let them find their own paths.
My religious and political philosophies are the same: LIVE AND LET LIVE

My purpose for this blog was to get out some of my bottled up emotions and to give those of you unfamiliar with autism a glimpse of what it’s like to raise a child with autism. It is a challenge in many ways, but a blessing for sure!

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