Once there was a way to get back homeward…

You know that feeling when you hear just the few opening notes of a song and a wave of emotion hits you?  How can a few notes, a few short lyrics arouse so much sentiment? These lyrics in the blog title come from the Beatles’ tune Lullaby; just the tone of Paul McCartney’s voice and the melody lead to warmth and wet eyes.  Sometimes a song hits you because of its sentimental significance; song with a boyfriend, reminder of an event or time in your life. I recently went to see Paul McCartney and he played the song “And I love her” which is my parents’ song and it was major waterworks and smiles for me at the same time. Total love cry. I have nothing tied to this particular song, Lullaby, so I think it’s just a sensory reaction. Many of my blog titles are song lyrics; a great lyric reaches out to your heart and soul like an old friend.

My birthday is this weekend and I am not a big birthday person. I like to be acknowledged and I like to celebrate but I don’t need a big fuss. I do things I want to do all of the time, and I don’t need it to be my birthday to do something fun or frivolous. Good fortune for sure. I will probably clean out the garage on Saturday morning and I’m totally cool with that. One thing I could always count on each year was my Mom telling me the story of when I was born. It used to sort of bug me in a way, like really, again? My mom was always the first call of the day on my birthday, told me the story and was warm and sweet. In 2014, no call. I called my parents’ house phone and spoke to my Dad who wished me a happy birthday but my mom had no idea. She got on the phone and said hello, but that was it. Sort of felt like the other shoe dropped. The absence of that call always taints the day. This year I will go see my Mom at the home where she lives now and hug her and kiss her. I will not hear the story and I will not hear happy birthday, but I will still be able to feel her and hold her hand. I’ll take it! When I drive over there to see her I think in my head about the kind of daughter she was to her mother. She was a gem. Any time I think about not going I am reminded of the fact that my mother would never not do something expected of her. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s and she went all of the time to see her. My mom did not work in an office and by today’s standards had it very easy, but she never seemed to take her responsibilities for granted. She always, and I mean always, took care of her mother and my great aunt who never married and had no one else. Talk about modeling good behavior…both of my parents are so responsible and it is definitely an inherited gene in my case. As a kid when summer came I so looked forward to my birthday, but so soon thereafter was August and those damn back to school signs and sales would ruin my summer birthday buzz. Now I love August because the boys come home and I can get back into our routine, back into our snuggly movie nights. My boys too love good music and soon after they get home we will go see Green Day. Their music also has haunting lyrics and melodies that can touch you. Can’t wait.







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