How low can you go?

All you people who typically read my blog and reach out to support me, yep I’m talking to you. I need you now. Autism sucks. Yep it does and it keeps on sucking in new and improved ways. A few times over the last few weeks we have gotten calls from Bryan’s new school that […]

What would you do?

Not a huge fan of John Quinones, not sure why exactly, but I have seen the show; particularly the one where there is a disruptive child with autism and ¬†you see how people respond. However, the question, what would you do, is a pretty fair one. One of my closest friends called me a few […]

Coming of Age

Reflection is a typical outcome of all major life events. Last week was Jason’s Bar Mitzvah; a major life event for our family. As his Mom, the true barometer for success contains three parts: whether he performed the prayers and rituals with skill and confidence, mature and gracious in his behavior throughout the day, and, […]