Sanity Check, Part Deux

I think I need to have a recall on my last blog. That rosy picture I painted lasted a hot minute. Within hours of the publishing of the blog, things went downhill quickly. Midday Thursday got a very unusual and unwelcome phone call from Bryan’s new school. Please come get him, he is out of […]

Sanity Check

First week of school; new school for Bryan, private school focused on kids with neurodiversity. That’s the new term and I think it’s ok. Essentially the focus will be on life skills and academics that prepare him for independence. Independence is the goal, always. ¬†At age 16, he will have a job in the community. […]

Achieving Manhood

Jason just got home from camp. I shared with him some info about a very close family friend whose child may have an autism diagnosis. I told him for a few reasons; first, is he loves this child and would be very upset with me if I kept this info from him. Secondly, he is […]