Piece of Mind

No it’s not a grammatical mistake. I was driving this morning and heard Peace of Mind by Boston. That is way too big of a goal for me right now, so let’s go with the piece of mind. That, perhaps, is attainable. If anyone is reading this, here is a newsflash. People with Autism are people. They understand what you say, they have feelings, and the know right from wrong. Do you blatantly insult typical people? Do you not understand that just because someone doesn’t say, “you hurt my feelings” that their feelings aren’t hurt?autismmom
Bryan is 14 and I still have to shout out to the world that receptively the kid knows everything. He knows, he understands, he feels. Can you imagine someone hurting your feelings and you literally cannot organize your thoughts well enough to say something? Can you imagine being my kid and not being able to stand up for yourself. One of the things I like best about myself, which is also the thing I like least about myself is that I’m not a pushover. If it bothers me, I will address it. I have learned over the years how to temper these feelings, and address issues when appropriate, but I am nobody’s wallflower. If you know me, you know this. Enough about me and my nonsense. But, to insult my boy, well now you are amping this up to another level, and it is all I can do today to contain myself. It is not one person or one thing alone, but the sheer frustration that after all the years of dealing with this, it is still something I must contend with from people who know us. UGH
You have to know your kids. I know Bryan. He does not have a mean bone in his body. I am not one of those parents that walks around with their head up their ass thinking their kids are perfect. Nobody is perfect and that’s a good thing. Perfect is boring. In any event, Bryan is a super good kid. He is very sweet and loving and typically is able to relate to most people in some way or another. He has no venom, no ill will, nada. Why do people confuse inappropriate behavior or autism like behavior with malice? If it seems a little like I’m stamping my feet while I’m writing this, well, I am. Would you hold it against someone who is ill if they moaned or complained or cried?
Ok I will stop venting. Acceptance has to change as he changes. If you love him you and want him to do well you need to keep at it, you can’t expect a 14 year old Bryan to respond to the same things an 8 year old Bryan did. Would you expect this from any other kid? Lots of rhetorical questions today. Lots of pieces of my mind all floating around and I can’t seem to grab onto any and make the noise stop.


3 thoughts on “Piece of Mind

  1. I hear you loud and clear. I know you’re angry and rightfully so. It’s a shame that people are so thoughtless and ignorant at this point. Bryan is warm, loving and wonderful. He also knows everything….,get it through your head people.

  2. Thank you for writing this and keeping it real! I’ve been battling school officials with this crap for years. I finally got a spectrum diagnosis after years of telling them my son wasn’t behaving in certain ways on purpose and that he really is a good kid.

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