Incidental Beneficiary

In case you don’t know me I went to law school. I am a lawyer but do not practice. One of the things that happens after you go to law school is that you have a new language. Lots of Latin expressions and some legal expressions that stay in your head. So Jason and I […]

Throwing the BS flag

One of the guys I work with always says “I’m going to have to throw the BS flag on that” for a comment or a statement that he thinks is BS. He’s a big sports enthusiast and coach of his son’s baseball and basketball teams so he uses sports type references all of the time. […]

Payback’s a big bitch

The fun never ends. I had episodes of anxiety as a child. I had diarrhea before anything important, which included a test, the first day of school every year, and any significant change. I made my parents miserable and I worked them over. I screamed, cried and carried on. When Bryan was little, about 4. […]