I’d like to use one of my lifelines

Sometimes just the sight of your own child can take you over the rainbow. We had scheduled another whirlwind visiting day weekend. We flew up to NYC on Friday and got to Bryan’s camp around 2. When they went to get him and this tall, slim, teenager appeared saying “I can see your phone” I […]

Every picture tells a story

I admit it, I am a little bit obsessed with looking on the boys camp websites for photos. I’m not alone, right? You do it too, yes? So here’s the thing about the pictures, they are very revealing and often tell you a lot more about how your kid is doing than a letter, a […]

Jumbo Shrimp

Is it bad to say you love oxymorons? An oxymoron is defined as: a combination of contradictory or incongruous words. Is it in some way an oxymoron that you love something that sort of doesn’t make sense?  There is something so humorous about these expressions that don’t make sense. No matter what I do nor […]