There’s a light, over at the Frankenstein Place

rockyhorror The good news is that it only takes one good thing to lift my spirits. On Thursday when I got home I saw in Bryan’s backpack his scores for his Florida Alternative Assessments. Bryan does not take FCATs which are Florida’s standardized tests. There is no point in him taking them. He is extremely bright but if he had to answer the questions in the way they are asked he would fail miserably. After weighing our options a few years ago we decided, why put him through that? Why set him up to fail and get stressed out? Don’t get me wrong, a kid always needs a reach, but there is truly a difference between working hard to achieve a goal and setting an impossible goal. So when I looked at the scores last night to see how well he did in Math and Reading, I was elated. You see when your kid has autism, most times when you get test scores, you need to brace yourself like an earthquake is coming. You must also brace yourself for all of the disclaimers about how the test is not really for him, he is not allowed extra time, blah blah blah. But this time, the scores were great and I was grateful.
Next week is the last week of school. I need to remind myself how easily Bryan transitioned to middle school and how well he did all year. Bryan is gearing up for camp, not in the same way that I am literally gearing up, his is clearly mental preparation! He used to freak if you mentioned camp like he was being sent away, but as it gets closer we are talking about it more to get him prepared to face it. He is quiet about it now, like the calm before the storm. You may think, why send him to camp if it stresses him out? Like me, Bryan has anxiety with the anticipation of things, but rises to the occasion once there. It is the fear or anxiety of separating from us and our home that makes him tense, not the actual camp. Once he is anywhere he adapts really well and does great. Just as I’m writing this I’m thinking about how typical that is, and how in many ways he has grown. I am looking forward already, if you can believe, to the visiting day Bryan. Last year he had lost weight and was so happy to see us and to see Jason. How mental is that that I’m looking forward to a family reunion while everyone is still home? I guess it’s just nice to think about the joy of watching your kid stretch their wings a bit and then getting to see the results.
Yesterday I got a notice from WordPress that it’s my two year anniversary of my blog. It’s hard to believe I have been writing for two years, but I have really enjoyed being able to express my frustrations, joys and just the journey I’ve been on with my family. I intended to write just to give myself an outlet but it really has been way more than that. I have received so many comments from people and the connection has really helped me cope at times. I am always thrilled to find readers or followers that are unexpected and I appreciate everyone’s interest in our crazy lives.


6 thoughts on “There’s a light, over at the Frankenstein Place

  1. I love the honesty of your blog and can relate to the preparation that goes into any change – but only from the other side as I work with SEN. Cannot imagine the level of preparation that goes into everyday things but bless you for your hard work as it clearly pays off when he ‘rises to’ new challenges!

  2. 2 years? Wow. I’m sure that everyone that reads you is glad that you started and are still going strong! Obviously, you give amazing insight into your own life, but I always feel like everyone can relate to what you say and are happy that someone is saying these things out loud!!

  3. We live in a crazy world filled with challenges based on unfair assumptions and prejudice. Sometimes it’s hard to make sense of it and keep a positive attitude. Your gentle positive strokes in the mist of the greatest life challenge that any of us could ever face, touch my heart and renew my soul. Reading your positive comments and positive descriptions of the most disastrous of situations makes me realize that I am blessed, and my life as well as my challenges are so simple in comparison. You have turned what many would regard as a life negative into an adventure with heights of joy beyond any of our imaginations. You are an extraordinary individual. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to always see the light in the tunnel. Congratulations on your two year anniversary.

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