imagesCAVEMHKMDoes your kid play Minecraft? What the heck is that about. Jason is obsessed with it, like most kids his age and it really makes me feel old. He likes for me to play with him but I seriously do not get it. He will be on his desktop computer in his room, that alone is old, and has a phone or his mini ipad next to him where he is other talking on the phone to a friend while playing or using face time with a friend to play. Last week he freaked out because he was playing with a kid who stole his “diamond sword” and some of the other stuff he had in Minecraft. I tried to assist but there was literally no easy way to do this. We asked the kid through the game to give back the stuff. We “reported the theft” to the server administrator but without a screen shot of what Jason had prior to the theft we had no credibility. I felt sooo old, unsure of how to assist. We called the kid a few times through face time but he did not answer. I wrote on the game that I was Jason’s dad (deep voice, more threatening) and if he didn’t give back his stuff, I would call his parents. What a load of crap, the kid is in cyberspace. Eventually he did give the stuff back but not before 24 hours and there was tons of Minecraft hysteria. Jason wants for me to play Minecraft with him. He sets me up on my iPad and he is on his mini iPad. I do not get it. No matter what I do, I don’t get it. He always has to change my view and come get me in the game. I always get killed, and then the next screen says, Respawn? Yikes, what the heck is that? I feel like Sigourney Weaver is going to show up at any time.minecraft
Jason is completely frustrated with us. He had a melt down on Sunday night unlike I could have ever imagined from this boy. After more than an hour of some of the worst behavior, he finally softened up and in true Jason fashion started to talk. He basically told me for almost 30 minutes how neglected he feels. The biggest challenge of course is trying to deal fairly between him and Bryan. I had once blogged about this before, the difference between equality and fairness. You see Bryan likes to do some things that we don’t like, but they are hard to police. Bryan likes to watch what we call baby shows on his iPad. He likes to watch Blues Clues, Oswald and Sesame Street. Every now and then I hear Thomas music too. You see these are soothing for him, familiar, like old friends, so on the one hand, what is the harm? On the other hand these are baby shows, not for a teenager. They deal with juvenile topics, juvenile language and no opportunity to stretch his language at all. A dilemma for us, allow him to self soothe or force him into the teenage realm. Earl and I aren’t always in agreement on this too which also makes the ban on baby shows tough. I feel on occasion it’s ok but he feels that he should not watch these at all. Consequently the enforcement of the ban has been inconsistent, leaving Jason frustrated due to the strict enforcement of rules for him. Sometimes it’s just easier to give in to Bryan. There- I said it, I know it’s wrong and unfair to Jason and bad. But at times after working all day, dealing with so many pressures, if Bryan is content to sit with his iPad and watch a show, I’m not all that upset about. How crappy of me, what a cop out.
So now I am working on the rebuilding of my relationship with Jason. I never really thought he needed a sibling group, but maybe he does. He is at that tween stage and perhaps he needs the recognition of being a great brother to Bryan rather than feeling as if he is the losing half of a duo. Another thing to investigate but clearly something worth doing. Another summer project…


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