Product Placement

goldseesIt’s amazing to me how just the sight of a box can make me turn into mush. A few days ago at work I was talking to my work BFF and I saw the white See’s chocolate box. I took a good look at it and got so teary eyed. It reminded me of when I was a kid/young adult and we used to go out to Arizona. My family had a vacation home in Scottsdale and we had lots of fun out there. We used to go to the See’s store and pick out the chocolates individually. Not to be too corny but it was a sweet memory of fun times with my family and for some reason just “got” me. This morning driving to work I called my cousin Andy. He and I share so many great memories because we grew up much more like brother and sister than cousins. This morning he told me he was eating Product 19. My grandfather ate Product 19 and that just made me smile. When I see Vienna Fingers I am immediately brought back to my Nana’s fridge in the Bronx. I didn’t even like them that much, but those were the cookies she had, so I ate them. Now I eat them because they remind me of her and make me feel good. I see a Mallomar and feel all New Yorky. They don’t sell the down here in the summer. Jason has learned to appreciate the fine art of the Mallomar. It’s genetic!
My Dad loves Goldenberg’s candies. Even Jason knows that if you go into the candy store in the Boca mall you should look for those candies to buy for Grandpa, but Grandma might get mad at you!!! These little products can trigger all kinds of visceral responses that transport you to another time and place. Sometimes they are not always this pleasant, like the sight of a Kamikaze; reminds of when I puked in front of my law school boyfriend while he tried to open the door to my apartment.
Music of course does this too. My sister and I still chuckle at the time my grandfather asked us about the lyrics when we were in the car listening to Jefferson Starship singing “Miracles”. It’s a pretty risqué song, which I didn’t realize at the time since I was a little kid, but I’m fairly sure we were on the Major Deegan (not only will my sister tell me exactly where we were but she will also know where we were coming from or going to) and when my sister sang the lyrics for him, he thought it was hysterical. He was fun and naughty like that!
My first real boyfriend and I had a song. “Just What I Needed” by the Cars.This was from 1981 and I still think of him when I hear it. When our boys were babies I sang to them which will probably scar them for life due to my singing voice.But all kids love the sound of their mother’s voice or we tell ourselves that at the 4am feedings! What did I sing? “Close to You” and “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” because they were soft and melodic and I knew the words. We have been selecting music to go along with the video montage for Bryan’s Bar Mitzvah and for the candle lighting. Luckily Earl and I like the same music (mostly) so it has been fun. Doing this together has been one of those joyful tasks when you see the fruits of your marriage. You get to see the growth, the give and take, and the friendship. We laughed, we cried, we got each other and although the Bar Mitzvah will only be a few short hours this will definitely be one of the memories I will go to when I think about it in years to come.

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