Up the down staircase

up the down

So I handed Bryan a plate this morning only to realize I made his microwave bacon on Jason’s homemade plastic Seder plate. There are too many issues to count, so we can move on. This was after I heard Casey our cat puking at about 3 am but I was unable to find the cat puke when I woke up. Clearly that will be a lovely surprise at another time. At about 4:30 Jason woke up screaming he had a bad dream. He has been sick since Saturday; fever, cough, red throat. I went in to see what was happening, and he coughed right in my face. If I get sick, I will not need that dumb app that tracks who got you sick, I will know exactly when it happened. The truth is he is a very sweet sick little guy. He is very lovey dovey, which is cute. Mommy hug me, mommy i love you. Then, Mommy, can I rent a movie? Can I get an app? Guess he’s not that sick…
Last night we had another Bar Mitzvah practice at the Temple. Earl had not seen Bryan practice before and I caught a little twinkle in Earl’s eye watching his first born up on the Bima. Ahhh. Irony. Bryan speaks so softly when reading or singing but at 5 am he is so loud. Oh well, at least he will have a microphone at the Temple. We are 3.5 weeks away from the event and my anxiety has started to pick up speed. I had my first Bar Mitzvah nightmare the other night. Truthfully I’m really not all that worried that everything won’t get done. I just want Bryan to enjoy himself and that is way more of a challenge then anything else. He always requests to go places and do things only to get there and then asks to go home. I don’t want him to ask to go home the minute we get there on the day of his Bar Mitzvah!!! One thing I do know; he will be happy to see everyone. One thing is for sure, for a kid who has a “social disorder” he’s pretty social. He loves people and loves the family. My fingers and toes are crossed.
One thing that bugs me is what people say. “He’ll do whatever he does” or “I’m sure he can do some prayers”. or “some autistic (UGH) kids understand Bar Mitzvahs”. Listen people, he’s our son, he’s not a doll or a toy or thing. He’s a fabulous, soon to be teenager, and he is going to have a Bar Mitzvah. Last night Bryan told me “I’m going to be a teenager, I’m going to be a man.” Never underestimate your kid.


6 thoughts on “Up the down staircase

  1. I don’t know anything about Bar Mitzvahs…this will be my first one and I couldn’t be happier that it’s Bryan’s. But, I’m pretty sure that in any house of worship, when people gather to honor God, good things happen. Bryan is goodness personified. God’s graces will surely be shining down upon him on his Bar Mitzvah day! He’s going to blow us all away like he always does 🙂

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