Publix. Where Shopping is a Pleasure.

When you live in Florida Publix is your grocery store. It is a family owned business and they really do a great job. They have their own brand for many items and their quality is good. This post is not about Publix. Bryan likes to go to Publix with me, but his eagerness or willingness to go with me is conditional. I can look at the DVDs? I can get gum? I can look at your phone? How many items are we getting? Today he knew I was going to Publix even though Earl does most of our food shopping. Yes I say food shopping. I’m old school. He likes to cut coupons. I like to save money but admittedly I am not that much of a coupon person. Publix has lots of “buy one get one free” offers, that’s more my style. The problem with coupons is keeping track of them, looking for that item, blah blah blah. The other issue can also be Bryan. At times I power shop to race against his behavior. If he has bad behavior I will buy just what I need to get out as fast as possible. I don’t need stares and I don’t need to hear him scream in the store. Why bring him you ask? Well there are times when you have to, like when no one else is at home, or when he needs to get out of the house and get distracted or when the other parent is so cuckoo it’s better to get Bryan away from that parent.
Today’s visit was stellar. Bryan did not ask to see DVDs, he did not ask for gum, he did not ask me how many items I needed. He had a little anxiety because school starts tomorrow after winter break. But I have told him he has been “wonderful” all of winter break and I think the positive vibe between us has sunk in. He did use my phone but he was appropriate, helpful, and patient. I looked through the pile of coupons Earl gave me and was able to find my items and take my time. I didn’t have that tension in my neck or tight jaw I often feel when I’m in the store with him. We were just a mom and her son the night before break is over stocking up on supplies. Better than a Broadway show or 4 star restaurant. He reminded me I need to make his lunch tonight. Not my favorite chore but one I will never complain about. I try to remind myself if I start to dread it how many people wish they had kids who do not or have lost kids or have sick kids that would do anything to pack a kids lunch. A simple chore, but the essence of every day life. Although I have to go back to work tomorrow and I grapple with my own sunday night itis, I am warmed by the maturity and progress of soon to be Bar Mitzvah boy!

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