We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists

I knew the day would come. We have reached the point where Bryan has become the easier child. Now don’t get all excited, he hasn’t recovered from autism, he still has all of his issues, his constant repeating, his getting up early, his limited and often inappropriate communication. But on balance, right now, he’s easier […]

Product Placement

It’s amazing to me how just the sight of a box can make me turn into mush. A few days ago at work I was talking to my work BFF and I saw the white See’s chocolate box. I took a good look at it and got so teary eyed. It reminded me of when […]

Up the down staircase

So I handed Bryan a plate this morning only to realize I made his microwave bacon on Jason’s homemade plastic Seder plate. There are too many issues to count, so we can move on. This was after I heard Casey our cat puking at about 3 am but I was unable to find the cat […]

Publix. Where Shopping is a Pleasure.

When you live in Florida Publix is your grocery store. It is a family owned business and they really do a great job. They have their own brand for many items and their quality is good. This post is not about Publix. Bryan likes to go to Publix with me, but his eagerness or willingness […]

Checking my resolve

I am not big on New Year’s resolutions because I make resolutions all year long. Every day to me is an opportunity to improve on something, to start new, to dig deep, to get moving. I am always resolving to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, like everyone else. That is the first layer. Then […]