A tail tale!

Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at right.So I got a call last night from my cousin. She shared a story with me that I am going to share with you.vizsla There are so many “right” things about this story it is hard to know where to begin…
She and her husband were moving out of their home. They have an older dog, about 13, and many places in Florida do not allow you to have pets, let alone large or older pets. A friend offered to foster the dog while she and her husband were “fostered” by her sister and brother in law! Over time the foster mother of the dog mentioned that her neighbor, a family with 3 young boys, had an older dog and may be interested in adopting my cousin’s dog. Hmm, my cousin wasn’t really wanting to give up her dog, but decided to meet the family anyway. She met the mom and the boys and youngest boy liked the dog but seemed a little rough with her and a little rambunctious. My cousin gently explained how best to interact with the dog. Trusting her own instincts, she allowed her dog to go to this family’s home. Fast forward a few weeks to a call from the mother to my cousin. Apparently the youngest boy has autism. He was not a great sleeper and was never interested in their dog. However, as luck and divine intervention would have it, my cousin’s dog and this young boy forged a bond. He curls up next to her on the floor and they sleep together. The dog is content to have someone to love her and the boy has a new sense of calm and can go to sleep with ease. Ahhh…. now you see why my cousin called to relate this story to me. She knew I would eat it up; clearly I did. Animals do have a keen sense for those in need and children can sense the purity of a pet’s love. They are helping each other. My guilt ridden cousin; upset to give away her long time companion is selfless enough to share her pet with this young boy and the benefit belongs to everyone.
I must admit, however, although I love the story, the fact that my cousin thought of me in this story is what really got me. It has everything and nothing to do with autism. However, it has everything to do with love. I love you cousin Nina!!!


4 thoughts on “A tail tale!

  1. This is very heartwarming story. My dad is a disable Vet with PTSD. He has a cat one of the nurses found in a dumpster and gave him. They are inseparable and the cat can calm him down almost immediately.

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