Go to the Mirror Boy

I have always been a huge Who fan. I used to have such a crush on Roger Daltrey. In 1982 I drove down to Shea Stadium from SUNY Albany with friends to see them. (don’t tell my parents, they think I was at school studying).  They rocked it!!! I have seen the movie Tommy no less than twenty times. In my younger years I loved it because of the music and the long-haired Roger Daltrey. When he sings “I’m free” in his jeans and no shirt, well that was jammy jam for me. That movie had something for everyone. Great music, goofy scenes with Jack Nicholson, Keith Moon, Tina Turner. I don’t think there were many teenage boys that could forget Ann Margaret rolling around in that white jumpsuit either. As luck would have it in my older years when I see the movie I choke on my tears. Why do I associate Tommy with Bryan? Bryan can hear and speak and see. But when they sing, “look at him in the mirror dreaming? What is happening in his head? I wish I knew”;  I just can’t hold it together. My issue, not Bryan’s. But music haunts me and helps me so what can you do?

When Earl and I were first dating we saw Quadrophenia at the Garden in NYC. Oh how I loved it!! I still love Roger Daltrey’s sound and stage presence and have maintained my crush over the years, even the short-haired version still gets me. Today is our 15th wedding anniversary. Quite a milestone!! We have been and continue to face many challenges together. Our love for great live music and that freedom of a concert still lives within us. How will we celebrate? Opening night of the Who performing Quadrophenia in Sunrise, FL. Can’t think of anything more fitting!!! I saw Pete Townshend on the Daily Show recently promoting his book. I don’t want to read his book, just want to watch him rock it out.


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