Hand Eye Coordination

Yesterday Earl and I went to Bryan’s school for an honor roll ceremony. Bryan got all Bs and B+s for his first marking period of middle school. One A in PE!!! All the parents were seated in the auditorium and the kids filed in with their classes. I could see Bryan looking for us in […]

Lolly, Lolly, Lolly get your adverbs here!

Bryan has always been able to communicate his needs. “I”m hungry”, “I go to the bathroom”, etc. But over the last year or so, thanks to Marcia, the greatest speech and language therapist here in So Fla and school, and maturity, Bryan’s vocabulary has expanded dramatically. It’s not just the longer sentences or answering questions, […]

Shock Value

Often times over the years Earl or I will be very upset with ourselves about our interaction with Bryan. It is hard to forgive yourself when you have not had patience with your child, let alone your child with a disability. Sometimes we can blow it off, other times if it has been going on […]

Did you chop down the cherry tree?

Bryan lies, yep, he does. And guess what, mostly we’re happy about it. He is not a liar per se; but he now understands the nuance of not telling the truth when you think it might get you in trouble. Sounds like a silly concept, but what is more typical than a pre-teen not wanting […]

We don’t get fooled again…

On my game today. We have a meeting at Bryan’s middle school to review the results of his psych reassessment. I try to pass this off in my brain that whatever they say that is negative I will not get upset or blame myself. I am putting on my protective emotional armor. For these events […]

Tell me in my face

One of the great things about autism, and yes there is more than one, is your appreciation for small things. Actually, it’s the small things that are the big things if that makes any sense. Today I was in my bedroom sorting laundry and putting it away. Bryan was lying on my bed playing a game […]

Go to the Mirror Boy

I have always been a huge Who fan. I used to have such a crush on Roger Daltrey. In 1982 I drove down to Shea Stadium from SUNY Albany with friends to see them. (don’t tell my parents, they think I was at school studying).  They rocked it!!! I have seen the movie Tommy no […]