Less Chit Chat, More Combat!!

Have you ever watched Ben 10? Cartoon Network show starring a boy, Ben, his cousin Gwen, and their grandfather, Max. They are travelling around for the summer in an RV, affectionately called the Rust Bucket, since it’s old and rusty. Ben finds a watch called the Omnitrix and it allows him to transform into 10 different ass kicking aliens. The show has been on a long time and they have had 3 or 4 series as Ben and Gwen get older. In the early days they were fighting some aliens that were threatening Earth’s survival and Ben was trying to learn info from a somewhat friendly alien while others were attacking. Gwen, in her sassy 10 year old style says to Ben, “Hey, less chit chat, more combat”. I am not sure why but that tickled me. I say that to Jason when he is dilly dallying on something or not paying attention and action is required. The young Gwen is a take charge kind of female preteen.

I am surrounded by a lot of highly motivated women who are all about action or combat. I am not sure if these women knew they had it in them, but when you have a special needs child, your inner Wonder Woman may take over. I am in awe of these women, one who is starting a school, one who has their own business whose partial proceeds go to autism awareness, another who has been a chairperson for the local autism walk, etc. They have reached beyond their motherhood to see the big picture. Change and awareness is a must and for them it’s personal. It’s the kind of get off of your butt and do it attitude that I am attracted to in friends and people. Admittedly, the slackers turn me off. It’s your kid, how much more motivation do you need??? I strive to be one of these warrior moms. I am not sure why but it is important to me that when Bryan and Jason are grown up and they are thinking about me that they think I did what needed to be done for them… and then some. I want them to know that if you make up your mind to help yourself, you can!!! No excuses.

I try to steer clear of politics in my blog although I don’t think you need to be a brain surgeon to know how I’m leaning.I do not agree 100% with what either side says or does and as many of us feel, the media circus and campaign process are a turn off. However, I just don’t get women who support Romney and Ryan. I am not partisan. I am not registered with a party. I am registered with my brain. I vote based on what I think is common sense for the issues at hand and would have no problem voting for any party if I believed in the candidate. (I kind of liked John McCain in the early part of his campaign but when he chose Sarah Palin he completely lost me). I don’t know how you can support a candidate who does not support your right to choose what you do with your body. I am not pro-abortion by any stretch of the imagination. I have had 3 miscarriages, and even when I knew the baby was not alive I had trouble with a D&C. Do you have any idea what it is like to be waiting to get a D&C and they hand you a “Certificate of fetal death” form to sign?” But to tell me I can’t do with my body what I think is right for me and for my family is preposterous in modern times. I get that some people believe that abortions are wrong and in conflict with their religious beliefs. I respect that opinion and their right to act on it, but why can’t they respect mine? Religion dictating policy is exactly why we left England in the 1700s. And who doesn’t support equal pay for women? Why not support the Lily Ledbetter Act. I just don’t understand. I am a professional woman and I work very hard. On what planet is it ok to not make the same amount of money as a male counterpart? Why would I vote for a MAN who won’t support equal pay? What truly amazes is me is the naivetĂ© of some women that think their rights won’t go away or things won’t change. Bring back women like Susan B. Anthony who are willing to stand up and say we are valuable. If she behaved like the women in today’s world, we still wouldn’t have the right to vote. And if you have a daughter, what message do you send when you say, sorry honey, I voted for the guy who won’t allow you to choose for your body. And sorry, honey, I don’t think your work is as valuable as your brothers??? Or oops, didn’t realize the President would be selecting Supreme Court Justices that could change rights. Less chit chat, more combat.

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