Rollercoaster of love…

Bryan is the only person on the planet who loses weight in Orlando. He typically does not eat breakfast; his anxiety level is so high. He didn’t puke but often times will in the mornings before we go to a park. We went to Legoland this weekend. Of course he is totally excited to go […]

He’s a play-a

Sometimes I need to say that I am a damn lucky person. Today is one of those days. Bryan is doing well in middle school; he switched classes and his new teacher has that mushiness and love for the kids that we know works well for him. Although he needs lots of discipline and structure, […]

Less Chit Chat, More Combat!!

Have you ever watched Ben 10? Cartoon Network show starring a boy, Ben, his cousin Gwen, and their grandfather, Max. They are travelling around for the summer in an RV, affectionately called the Rust Bucket, since it’s old and rusty. Ben finds a watch called the Omnitrix and it allows him to transform into 10 […]

The Circle of Life

Had lunch yesterday with a friend from work who has a very young child recently diagnosed with autism. We go to a lot of meetings together but rarely get time to talk about all of our autism stuff. I am trying to help her navigate therapy, insurance, doctors, school etc. I am way more than […]

Will over skill

Love that expression. Credit goes to Muhammad Ali. I repeat this over and over in my head, like a mantra of sorts. It is the evolved version of the little red wagon and “I think I can”. I need to accomplish so much on a daily basis. I try to push myself to check things […]

There will be confusion and delay

Do you know Thomas the Tank Engine? Great character but there are some very quirky things about it. First of all, why do they ¬†have Alec Baldwin narrating the stories and doing the voices? It’s ok for the leader of the railroad, Sir Topham¬†Hatt, the one who says “there will be confusion and delay” in […]

Can I get a “T”?

From time to time I look back at some of my blog posts. It sort of gives me a gauge on my psyche. What the hell is going on with me? I need to get a grip!!! When I feel really low I try to remind myself of how truly lucky I am, even though […]