And they called it puppy love…

There is truly nothing more delicious than puppy love. Our new puppy Ranger has been snuggly and delicious and a warm addition to our family. Our other pets seem to be adjusting slowly but they can enjoy their time now before he gets bigger than both of them put together.

On Saturday Bryan got back to his pre summer schedule. He has his social group with an adorable 12 year old girl and they work on conversations, etc. Then he has OT to work on handwriting, holding silverware, etc. He loves his speech and OT therapists and can’t get there fast enough.When he saw Danielle, the girl in the group, he went over, gave her a hug and said “I missed you so much”. After we got home he got changed to go to Football Buddies. He asked me to take him and I did. We got there pretty close to starting time and had to park a good distance from the field. Bryan is the same height as me now and we walked to the field with our arms around each other. Oh the sweetness!!! At two points he stopped and looked at me and gave me the most loving, engaging look. It was a moment of pure connection. I LIVE for these moments. To me, all is right with the world. Nothing else matters. Just a boy with his mom going to a football game. Pure and simple. We got to the field and his 2 buddies came over and took him off to play. In the early years he would cry and scream at football. It is very hot and he just didn’t like it. Now he goes, comes by to get a water break and an occasional trip the bathroom. At these moments I remind myself to pay attention to the growth, the maturity, don’t let it slip by unnoticed. A good reminder that just because things don’t happen as quickly as they do for typical kids, they can still happen.I sit on the sidelines with other parents that I know fairly well and some not so much. It is an hour of relaxation for me, when it used to be an hour of angst.

Late yesterday I needed to go food shopping. Yes I say food shopping, not grocery shopping, not sure why. Bryan loves to go to Publix with me; he always wants gum or to look at the DVDs. Sometimes these shopping trips can be torture. But, again, like many things with him, there is a budding maturity. He went with me and I am happy to report it was uneventful. We bought groceries, I got him some sugarless gum, and we drove home. Who am I? I’m just a mommy in love!!!


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