Break on through to the other side

Not a huge Doors fan, but respect the impact they made at the time. Jim Morrison, however, was pretty hot.

This blog could have many other titles:

Somewhere over the Rainbow

I can see for miles and miles

Light at the end of the tunnel

Never underestimate the power of love

I love it when a plan comes together. Ok I’ll stop. Besides I might want to use one of those some day.

Bryan has had a kick ass week at middle school. Monday, went with no issues, lather, rinse, repeat all week. Confidence and maturity, the perfect mix. Bryan came home from camp a more mature, calmer boy. He seems way more aware, and more verbal. I have noticed that even when he has not done a great job of expressing his thoughts, he has been trying a lot more.

Typical children naturally progress in a lot of ways, particularly if you let them. Bryan is learning to do a lot of typical things. I noticed he no longer wants me to pick out his clothes. I tell him it’s time to get in the shower. He goes and picks out his clothes, puts them in the bathroom and gets ready. Shower, shampoo, deodorant (yep 12 yrs old), brushes his teeth, combs his hair (some days the hair needs work). He makes his bed and goes downstairs. He knows he is not supposed to take any food without asking and has been great about listening. He self corrects. If you don’t know what that is because you only have typical kids, let me explain. Self correcting, quite literally is when he knows he is doing or saying something wrong, against the rules or what is not typical and talks himself out of it or soothes himself in some way. He knows he repeats too much, so he says “I know” or “I know in my head”.  AWARENESS, that is the door opener. Once you know something about yourself you can work on it. AHHHH love it. My boy is thinking. I know it sounds trite and we all know he is thinking. But thinking about how the world perceives you or your impression on the world, what a huge thing that is for our kids.

Bryan goes to before care at school. Earl takes him and walks him into the Media Center. Yesterday when Earl walked him in he said “goodbye Daddy, go to work”. He didn’t want Earl to walk him in. He might have even been embarrassed by having his dad walk him in. YAY. A 12 year old boy embarrassed by his parents. Can anything truly be more typical than that? Please note, we don’t want Bryan to be anything but Bryan. The goal is not to morph him into a typical boy. The goal is for him to have an easier path to independence.

We are getting a new puppy on Sunday. SOOOOOOOOO excited!!! Earl put together the new crate last night and we have been hearing Bryan say, “I can see the new puppy, he comes on Sunday”. He does not usually seem excited by things like this. But he is feeling all of our energy and he does love puppies. If we got a puppy years ago he would probably have been excited too but the fact that he can articulate his excitement and show his emotions, well that’s the bonus.


3 thoughts on “Break on through to the other side

  1. I love this post. Middle school is hard for any child and the fact that he has had a great first week is just wonderful. Enjoy this and thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Jane,

    I’ve been a friend friend of your hubby for years and have heard so much about you So nice to finally meet you. Sounds like your son is doing great…congrats… I also heard about your camp experiences (both of them) and saw the footage of Camp Lee Mar…wow what a fantastic place. I sure wish my kids were still teens so I could send them…see what opportunities the younger generation has.

    Interesting you mentioned Jim Morrison. I was at the Miami Dinner Key Auditorium when he jumped out on stage…crazy times back then.

    We are bringing Temple Grandin to Orlando on December 9th for “An Evening With Temple Grandin” so I sure hope I can finally meet you, Erwin face to face and maybe even your son.

    Keep up the good work sounds like you’re doing an amazing job.


    Karen Simmons
    Founder, CEO Autism Today

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