Brotha from another motha

The J man came home Tuesday night. He stunk, his feet were filthy, and his hair smelled like crap and I loved it. After we had some dinner, nothing like Chinese take-out on your first night home, he went into a soapy bubble  gum scented bubble bath. I scrubbed his feet and his hair and he left a lovely ring in the tub. Ahhh the smell of yumminess returned.

Jason was so excited to see our dog Riggs. Riggs is a Mini Australian Shepherd and is smarter than most Floridians-sorry but the truth is, he is. Riggs has been a depressed boy all summer since Bryan and Jason have been gone. The first weekend he sat by the garage door and cried.  Jason only wanted to snuggle with him and our cat. Jason and I always say that he and  Riggs  are brothas from another motha. Jason used to crack up from that when he was little. And Casey, the only other female in our house is a sista from another mista. Sooo silly but we love our pets dearly. It’s interesting that many people are now getting service dogs for their children with autism. Riggs would be the best service dog ever!! Bryan does not play with Riggs too much, but Riggs is definitely at work. He follows the boys around all of the time. The only time he ever really got tough with me was about 4 years ago when I was having a very tough time with Bryan. Bryan and I were having a physical scuffle and Riggs acted like he was going to bite me. When the kids play rough he gets right in the middle. When the boys swim he circles the pool as long as they are in and barks if they jump in or go underwater.

So what do crazy parents do? They decide to get another dog. We are adopting a puppy Australian Shepherd. This puppy will have a brother in NJ. Our friends Marnie and Kenny have a dog from this breeder and when the Mom had another litter, they decided to get another Aussie (so you see we have crazy friends too!!). We are getting a brother from the same mother!!! So excited for this new edition.

Next week Bryan comes home. I am flying up to pick him up and I can’t wait to tell him about the puppy too. Although he does not interact with the pets too much, he does like them and is always aware of them. I know he likes puppies. Like little children, they love you up and don’t care about anything but affection. Bryan will love the puppy licks and the puppy bites. Let the insanity begin.


4 thoughts on “Brotha from another motha

  1. Let’s spread the insanity – there’s only a few pups left from the litter! And then everyone can be related…

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