Break on through to the other side

Not a huge Doors fan, but respect the impact they made at the time. Jim Morrison, however, was pretty hot. This blog could have many other titles: Somewhere over the Rainbow I can see for miles and miles Light at the end of the tunnel Never underestimate the power of love I love it when […]

Anxiety Attacks, film at 11.

If you have kids you know that the week before school starts is not fun. Or it should be fun, but it isn’t. I am a planner, I like to do as many things as possible to make my life and my family’s life easier. Best laid plans… as they say. On Wed evening I […]


So for the last week or so I have said to myself, I really need to blog about this or that, and haven’t. I am all over the map with free-floating parenting and autism things so I think this post will be more of a disorganized mess than a thematic essay. On my mind: 1. […]

Imagine all the people…

A few nights ago we watched a movie entitled “Loving Lampposts, Living Autistic”. I did not want to like this movie. For one thing I do not say autistic, it bugs me and it’s offensive. Secondly, in one of the teasers for the movie it showed Jenny McCarthy. I was totally a fan of hers […]

Brotha from another motha

The J man came home Tuesday night. He stunk, his feet were filthy, and his hair smelled like crap and I loved it. After we had some dinner, nothing like Chinese take-out on your first night home, he went into a soapy bubble ¬†gum¬†scented bubble bath. I scrubbed his feet and his hair and he […]