True Dat!

Everything is a damn thing. So we applied for reassignment for Bryan for middle school. Let me translate if you do not live in crazy South Florida. Every school, public that is, in one school district is totally different. We applied to a different  middle school for Bryan and very luckily, our request was granted and Bryan can go to the middle school we think is best for him. In the letter it states that you must register him for the school by July 21 or you can lose your spot. Ok, we got the letter on June 28 and of course on June 29 I called the school. No answer, no recording, nothing. So I called again this morning. The woman who answered said you can’t register your child until July 23 because the person who handles registration is out until then. You see where this is going…. So I explain that my son had gotten a reassignment letter and we don’t want to lose our spot. She said fax me the letter, already did this, and you don’t have to worry. That is just freaking wrong.  It’s not enough that we had to wait from May 1 until June 28 to find out if he was going to get in, now this? On the way to work I was flipping stations because Howard had repeats and i’m over them. On one of the stations was Kelly Clarkson singing her “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. It’s a great song, but F her. I’m over it.

Boys seem to be doing well at camp. Photos of Jason are cute and smiley. The photos of Bryan are harder to read and we haven’t really seen too many good ones. Last night we called Bryan. This week was the first week we could call him and we waited a few extra days to minimize disruption. We were allowed 3 minutes and that is plenty of time for Bryan on the phone. He sounded good, calm. He said his usual “I can see you on July 20, what day do I see you?” a bunch of times but he did answer questions about friends, activities and food. It was just so nice to hear that sweet little voice. I had to email the camp. It was gnawing at me that I had not seen any close up and/or smiling Bryan photos. I know it was crazy to write this email but I needed that peace of mind/piece of mind!!! We got a good photo yesterday and I could see how much his hair has grown, he’s lost weight and generally he looks good. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

We got a call last night from someone who is very dear to us. He conceptualized and realized the Parkland Buddies program which matches up special needs kids with typical kids for all kinds of sports. The benefits may seem obvious, great for our kids to get some sports exposure, exercise, team building, etc. For the typical buddies they learn compassion, empathy, and pure kindness. They too have to step out of their comfort zone. The incidental benefits, which ironically are not incidental are all of the adult relationships we have built from being involved in the program. The Saturday afternoon hour of Soccer Buddies is way more than the parent respite it was designed to be. It gives the parents a sense of community and a place to shed self-consciousness. I have learned more about what to do for Bryan during these hours than any 10 doctors could prescribe. We are all like little sponges absorbing info from each other and squeezing out our own lessons learned. The reason for the call was to get my support on something he was doing to expand the program. Slam dunk, I”m right there. I was reading a fiction book when he called and just talking to him jolted me back to reality.  A reality I welcome; where there are people who give a crap and care about our kids.

3 thoughts on “True Dat!

  1. Had a similar experience this weekend in Cocoa Beach. Do you know how much fun it is to watch dozens of normal families having normal vacations with their normal children who are acting normally? Yeah. We spent hours at the pool; hours in which my stomach churned the entire time, hoping A.J. didn’t get too far out of hand. He likes to introduce himself to EVERYBODY, so he got tons of stares as you can imagine. On the last day, a family came to the pool who had not one but two boys with autism and mom wasn’t flustered in the least. Shame on me.

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