The door is ajar

This blog is directed to Bryan. When I first started writing I wrote for me; to get my feelings out, to share and just to give people a glimpse of our lives. But as time goes on I realize the boys may find this interesting later in life, reading what I was thinking about them […]

Pour a little sugar on it honey

Forty-eight hours up north. We got to Bryan’s camp at lunchtime on Friday. The kids were eating lunch. They asked if we wanted to wait until he was done eating but I couldn’t wait. It was a little selfish and a little impulsive but after waking up at 4:30 in the morning, switching planes because our 7am […]

Do you wanna be happy or do you wanna be right?

One of my cousins taught me this expression. It’s great because you need to know which one you want to be in any discussion, exchange, relationship. Wanting to be right, well that’s juvenile, counterproductive, etc. Wanting to be happy, well, truthfully, it’s an acquired taste. Everyone has been asking us, “how’s it going without the […]

True Dat!

Everything is a damn thing. So we applied for reassignment for Bryan for middle school. Let me translate if you do not live in crazy South Florida. Every school, public that is, in one school district is totally different. We applied to a different  middle school for Bryan and very luckily, our request was granted […]