‘Cause when life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door

There is no resting on your laurels around here. In two weeks the boys will go to sleepaway camp. What to do for the interim weeks, ugh. Let’s see, $250 per week for both boys to go to camp, plus our sitter because Bryan cannot hack the whole day, geez. Yesterday I went to work, busy day planned, half day meeting beginning at 8. I was cocky, I figured, hey I got this, two weeks of day camp, then off to sleepaway. At 11:30 I got “the call” from camp. Damn it. Bryan was really behaving badly and wanted to go home. Bad news: he was crying, hitting, kicking and not listening at all. Good news: I could talk him in off of the ledge and General Jason came to the rescue. I had to have my sitter pick them up an hour earlier, but all things being equal, not too bad. Last night I bribed him so he will stay the rest of the week. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I thought I had this whole camp/before camp medicine thing resolved. Nope, another Act of Congress was required. Can’t get the meds filled for the next two weeks until I call 4 different places. Luckily I work at the greatest place on Earth and they were able to assist. The boys both get growth hormone meds. Another Act of Congress needed to get this done. Please remember I already did all of this in May. I am particularly fond of doing the same things over and over again.

I have to admit I was really looking forward to the boys going away. Not because I don’t love and adore them, but because it’s good for them and good for us to have a break. As it gets closer I am more and more reluctant to part with them. Why do things always seem like such a good idea when you plan them but when the time comes it seems like it was madness? I have anxiety about them going, particularly Bryan. I know what we are doing is good for him; he is a great camper and will learn so much. He needs to be forced out of his comfort zone to use more language, to mature, and to prep for Middle School. Earl is taking him up to camp. I think that will be easier for Bryan and certainly easier for me. He has been so yummy and affectionate the last few months, I don’t know how I will last without his squishy hugs and juicy kisses. I don’t even mind when he jams his chin into me. He does this to my arm, my face, neck, back, etc. I think it is some sensory need for deep pressure but it typically hurts a lot. He doesn’t pinch like he used to, it’s now more of a squeeze. Oh how I will miss those squeezes. Most people think we are dying to get a break from Bryan. We are not. Although some people may see him and think, how do you deal with it, his constant repeating, his inappropriate crazy laughing, his early mornings? We see a loving, handsome and delicious boy. We see progress, we see growth, we see and feel hope. We are at the beginning of some exciting stuff: 7 weeks of camp, middle school in August, Bar Mitzvah in February. I think I do need a pinch to make sure I’m not dreaming. These may be every day events for some; but for us each typical milestone he reaches feels like the peak of Mt. Everest. Looking forward to the next climb….


2 thoughts on “‘Cause when life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door

  1. I was wondering when sleep away camp was beginning. I know it is hard and there are many “unknowns”, but I think it is a great experience and wish Ben could have the same opportunity. Maybe someday.

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