Happy and Peppy and Bursting with Love!

Favorite Odd Couple moment:

Oscar and Felix’s apartment. Felix and Gloria are getting remarried in the apartment.

Oscar and Murray are in the kitchen.

Murray: “Oscar, how come Gloria isn’t wearing white?”

Oscar: “Murray, she’s the mother of two children!”

Murray: “I guess it’s hard to keep things white with kids around.”

Humor is usually the thing I turn to when I am challenged or feeling overwhelmed. I am not challenged today. Today was Bryan’s fifth grade moving up ceremony aka graduation from Elementary school. Today for me, and for Earl and Jason, was one ass kicking goddman whoo hoo kind of day. Just the fact that he achieved enough to graduate would be enough to make us feel proud. But today, Bryan was more than a special needs boy, he was the main event. He got a super special award called the “Significant Strides” award from school. Our beloved autism coach, Caryl, told us he would be getting “an award” and she would be speaking about him. Sometimes when you anticipate things you are disappointed. That was not the case today. The speech, the presentation, the acknowledgement of our son and his accomplishments…well I think I might be at a loss for words, yikes! Ok, not really but it is hard to describe the emotions; pride, respect, admiration, love and not just for Bryan, but really all the people that touched his life and ours from this school.

A few small yet not small things will always linger in my mind about today:

Attendees!!! My parents, my sister, Earl’s mom and sister. So much love…so much “love cry”. I say love cry to the boys to distinguish sad tears from happy tears. Special shout out to those that may not have attended but had everything to do with Bryan’s success and support of us. You know who you are!!!!!

Bryan’s face. He smiled the whole time. He did not display any bad behavior and sat through the whole two hour ceremony. I kept looking over to him and was mesmerized at how well he behaved. He rocked it out.

On stage. He walked on stage to hear Caryl speak about him and smiled and stayed quiet. Don’t ever tell me these kids don’t know what’s going on. He was so happy and he was beaming. He looked incredibly handsome in his button down shirt and jeans.

Jason. When Bryan received his award Jason sobbed. He is so proud of his brother. That’s him, you can’t teach that.

Harmony. Typically when we have something important going on I am tense and anxious. Often times Earl and I will argue because I am so rigid about what I want for the kids or I am uptight about how things are going to go. This morning, everything went off without a hitch. I think we have learned a lot about each other. Earl knows to stay away from me and not interrupt my path, and I have learned that he will do things in his own way, but he will still get the job done.

The rain. We got married on a windswept rainy day in Nov of 1997. It was raining this morning. A good sign for us, maybe not the weather anyone else was hoping for.

Here is the clip from youtube:


I think I may be going to Game Stop tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10 thoughts on “Happy and Peppy and Bursting with Love!

  1. Beautiful. Take a bow sister, this is as “it takes a village” as it gets. What a remarkable day for your entire family to enjoy. Shine On Bryan! Love you!!

  2. How beautiful and touching….I had tears running down my face….I agree with the above! “Take a bow”. You have an amazing young man – – Congrats to Bryan on his
    graduation! xoxo Rani

  3. What a great day!! Congratulations to Bryan and the whole family. It is not always fun being a parent, but these moments are incredible.

    Also, I don’t know if you realize that you actually wrote down the key to a happy marriage — “Earl knows to stay away from me and not interrupt my path, and I have learned that he will do things in his own way, but he will still get the job done.” Very insightful!


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