Can you picture that?

Bryan totally loves the Muppets. Admittedly I do think Miss Piggy is the jammy jam. I love how she changes her hair and outfits all of the time and all her “oh Kermie”s. He particularly loves the Electric Mayhem and literally stole Erwin’s Electric Mayhem t-shirt out of his closet about 2 years ago. He can name the characters and loves to sing the songs. Bryan is very musical; he doesn’t have a loud singing voice but he always captures the tune and melody.  If you know our family, that is a miracle!

We got a call last week from our Autism Coach.  She wants to know if it would be ok to honor Bryan at the 5th grade moving up ceremony. Moving up is 2012 speak for graduation. I get it’s moving up from grade to grade but when they are leaving the school because it does not go any higher, isn’t that really graduation?  Sorry for the rambling… She is so terrific; she wanted to check with us to see if we would be ok if she talked about him, his journey and to give him an award. Can anyone say “get me a goddamn box of tissues???” Well here was my response:

1. Um, yes!!

2. WOW

3. How many people can we invite and can this be videotaped? (just so you know, if you are reading this blog, you are invited)

Bryan can truly amaze us at times. I cannot imagine what she will say or what he will think. I do always struggle with getting inside of his head and wondering what he knows, understands, processes.  But… I do know that if people wonder if their special needs kids have the ability to do great things, they can. Stop wondering and start believing.  He touches peoples lives and we are grateful for that.

Jason was selected to be a PlayPal at school. PlayPals are typical kids in upper grades (3 through 5) that are paired up with a child on the spectrum to help them on the playground, with reading, or whatever social interaction may be challenging for them. Bryan has 2 PlayPals and they help him on the playground. It is natural for kids to approach each other on the playground to play. We don’t even think about it. But for a child on the spectrum, they need the “script” or guidance or modeling. Really most things that a typical child picks up by reading cues, verbal and nonverbal,  are the ultimate challenge for a child on the spectrum.  It’s a great program and we are fortunate. Jason is the quintessential PlayPal. He is a PlayPal basically every day. He is excited and proud of himself. There is only a short time left in the school year but nonetheless he can and will make a difference for another kid on the spectrum.

6 thoughts on “Can you picture that?

  1. I’m sorry, I have to protest at graduation for grade school. EVERYONE that starts grade school, finishes grade school. It’s not a real accomplishment like graduating high school or college is because not everyone accomplishes those things.

  2. This is Jason and I am very excited to be a playpal. I’m starting playpals may 7,2012 so next Monday I know my playpal his name is Logan he’s in second grade in mrs.krells class. I’m in third grade right know so I wonder what I will be doing with Logan?!? So I will go during recess from 11:30 to 12:00 so I will miss all my recess on each Monday for the rest of the school year we have 4 or 5 weeks left of school so I will be with Logan for every Monday for the rest of the school year.

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