I’m a donkey on the edge!

Whew I am beyond. Here are the events as they have unfolded:

1. I sent a camp form to Bryan’s teacher a few weeks ago. She’s awesome so I was surprised not to get it back. I emailed her, she said she sent it back the day I sent it to her. Hmm, what the heck….

2. I called to see why Bryan’s camp check was not cashed. It turns out that the bank cashed it for the wrong amount. Really? It was for $7000 and the bank only cashed it for $7. Apparently I wrote the numbers correctly but not the words. I need to go back to my law school text books to see which controls. numbers or words. ugh.

3. I made about 20 calls to get growth hormone medicine ready for the boys for camp. I called to check on the status of the order and the woman from our pharmacy asked why I was calling so soon. I told her why and then she put me  on hold about 3 different times.  She said it was done but my gut tells me these calls are not over yet.

4. I had a mini meltdown at work. I think I was just feeling overwhelmed and stressed. I actually felt tears coming which is so wrong. I am a dope. I will proceed to berate myself about this for a week. Not good.

5. I am trying to lose weight, it’s not even a maybe, it’s a must. I wish that bitch Jenny Craig would stop emailing me.

6. I saw that video of the Dad (all over autism sites) of a special needs boy who put a wire on his son and recorded over 6 hours of the teachers and aide bullying and belittling his son. He did this because his son was reportedly behaving badly but neither he nor the behaviorist could figure out the trigger. I sobbed so hard. Can you imagine listening to that and knowing these people are educators? Can you imagine trying to come to grips with this?

7. Tomorrow is bring your rug rat to work day. Jason is coming with me in the morning and then going with Earl in the afternoon. I am happy to have him but I feel so bad that Bryan can’t do this. I would love to bring him but he’s way too disruptive and loud and it would not work. Every year it makes me feel bad. It’s the little things that always get me.  When I got home tonight he came out to meet me as he does each night. He said “Mom, tomorrow Jason is going with you to work.” I know him; he knows he’s not included and he feels left out. I told him maybe next year. Each year I hope he can come with me and hack it. Not this year, however.

None of these things alone are at all a big deal in any way. However, when put together in the same day can be a little overwhelming. I have this lovely photo in my office of a donkey just at the edge of the cliff. Someone call Eddie Murphy before it’s too late.

2 thoughts on “I’m a donkey on the edge!

  1. Geez, I know how you feel. I hate when all those mole hills become a mountain. Stop being so nice and open up your largest can of whoopass! And for God’s sake DO NOT watch anymore bullying videos! You’re just asking for it. I mean, I know that car wrecks happen everyday but that doesn’t mean I want to watch! You are so thoughtful and caring, yet incredibly resilient. Just when you think you could be knocked over with a feather, your “go ahead and make my day” attitude will come through for you 🙂

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