Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t!

Remember those commercials? As a kid I only ate the Mounds candy bars, but today I eat the Almond Joys too. Why limit myself to only one scrumptious candy bar? Seems narrow-minded.

I have been traveling for work for the past 2 weeks. I went to Mobile, Alabama, Alpharetta, Georgia and NYC. I love to go to NY, the energy when walking down the streets of Manhattan is like nowhere else in the world. Walking everywhere feels good and healthy and free. So funny how you don’t really appreciate something so much until you don’t have it every day. I went to a seminar that was pretty good but seeing some old friends; that was really the highlight. I am very sentimental and I value the connections that began when I was younger and have transformed into solid unbreakable bonds.  I had a great dinner with some friends from college, who in all honesty, I did not know that well in college but we reconnected. We had a 3 hour dinner and it felt warm and loving and we laughed about all kinds of nonsense. I feel they are so similar to me, we have a lot to be thankful for, a lot to be challenged with, yet seem to find humor and comfort in relating.

One night I had dinner with my 2 BFFs Pammy and Donna. What a treat!! We went to a cool NY restaurant and suddenly I didn’t feel so old and Floridian.  No one knew I wasn’t just coming from work to meet a friend for a quick bite to eat. I am so appreciative that all of these folks would travel into the city to spend time with me and these little pockets of reminiscing hold me over until the next time. We are approaching a big birthday next year and we talked about doing something fun together.

The last night I had dinner with my parents. They live here but were traveling to NY one day before I was leaving.  Funny, how things are. I see them all of the time but there was something different, almost clandestine about meeting for dinner in NY. They wined and dined me!! I know my folks; I bought gatorade for my room before I ever even went out with them, I knew we would have a few drinks. We went to a super posh restaurant and they bought me a beautiful pair of earrings.  It was fun, we laughed and ate and drank and enjoyed the “scene”. It reminded of dinners when I was young and single; but it felt better to be there knowing I had a wonderful family at home and that this was an indulgence.

I came home to a delicious greeting from my fellas. Hugs and kisses all around and that just never gets old.

So last night I spent the evening curled in a ball with sunday night anxiety. I don’t do well when my routine is upset and I worry about everything on my desk, everything I have and have not done for the kids, and just about anything and everything that seems bleak in the middle of the night.


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