Fat Chance

Ok, I admit, I am fired up this morning. Did you hear the news? Autism is now tied to obesity. Happy F-g Monday. That’s so funny because I was never overweight at all until I battled all of this depressing and crazy nonsense I deal with on a daily basis. I actually think rather than saying that if you are obese, you are more likely to have a kid with autism, it’s if your kid has autism, you are more likely to become obese from all of the self-medicating with food we do. I know they are not talking about me; I still am trying to get over the stigma of the “older moms” are more likely to have a kid with autism. It’s just another day in paradise. It feels like when you watch the news and you find out the local ax murderer is Jewish. Yikes, that is embarrassing; someone from our tribe was horrific and it’s just another reason to dislike Jews.

Don’t get me wrong, trying to figure out links and causes, that’s all good and necessary info but can we focus on finding these kids jobs, figuring out where they are going to live, funding good educational programs? GRRRR. They only studied 500 people. Well this whole stinking country is overweight, so guess what, of course obese moms are going to have kids with autism. The population is obese. Perhaps if my spanx weren’t so tight this morning, I could’ve taken the news better, but it just seems so dumb to me.

In any event, it is still Autism Awareness month and I will try to get myself together and focus on what is important. We have our walk this weekend and we are raising money and awareness. Time for breakfast!


5 thoughts on “Fat Chance

  1. I could not agree with you MORE, Jane. The only time I was at the “limit” of being overweight was AFTER I had Christopher! And, uh, he isn’t my autistic one!!! I have always thought since we got the diagnosis that, yes, a cause is needed, but my child HAS it, so what good will it be for US if we find a cause now? For you, me, Bryan, and Michael, we need to focus on what we are going to do for them. We can’t change the past; we need to do something about the future.
    When Michael was 4 months old, a co-worker had a baby the same age who developed pertussis. The baby had received all his vaccines and ended up hospitalized as a tiny baby with whooping cough anyway. The poor mother had a lupus flare-up and then she ended up in the hospital. Of course at that time, autism was the furthest thing from my mind and the vaccine connection was unheard of. But I will never forget the terror in that poor baby’s parents who could have lost their precious child. I’m sorry, but going back, I’d have still given those vaccines. Christopher and all my nephews received their vaccines on the same schedule and they are all fine.
    OK, now I”m rambling, but it’s frustrating to see “this causes it” or “that causes it “. I hope we know someday, but let’s put that same effort and money into the kids who need services NOW.

  2. This study shows a correlation, not causation. They did speculate that it might have to do with inflammation in the body. Things like processed foods, sugar, gluten and a poor diet contribute to these factors. Also maternal glucose crosses the placenta causing the fetus to produce more and more insulin and making it iron deficient. It was an observational study, so nothing to get in an uproar about. Did you happen to read the correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and Autism? It just shows that if you want to get pregnant, get healthy first.

    1. Hi Tracy, thanks for your comment. My blog was merely a rant, not a true commentary on the news. I know it was just a correlation but at times my frustration over takes my ability to process logic!!! I agree, if you want to have a baby, take care of yourself, the child’s good health starts with you.

      1. I worry too much myself. I have a daughter who is obese, eats too much crap and wants to have a baby SO bad. I’m nagging the heck out of her to get her weight down, eat right…yadda yadda… Then I worry about all these Autistic kids and what’s going to happen with them when they become adults. Recently I read an article in the Bangor Daily News that illustrated such a need. http://bangordailynews.com/2012/04/06/health/family-struggles-to-find-home-for-son-with-autism/
        My heart just breaks for them! 😦

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