He’s a charmer

I use this expression a lot. Wow, “he’s a charmer” when referring to someone who is really a big asshole. I don’t mince words and some words cut to the chase. However, when referring to Bryan, he is a charmer in the non sarcastic meaning of the word.  He has a way of getting under people’s skin in a really warm and loving way. Ok, I’m bragging and we all know it’s not true a lot of the time, but it is true enough of the time. His peeps are loyal to him and share with us his triumphs and console us during his hardships. Last night we had a fundraiser for our autism team. It was a yogurt place where they donate a portion of the  proceeds to Autism Speaks. While by pure definition we were raising money, we knew this was not going to be enough money to find a cure, solve problems etc. But having the fundraiser on World Autism Awareness Day would definitely raise awareness. Also we got a lot of support from friends and family, coworkers, etc. Some of the folks know Bryan really well and they were telling us how much they love him. Our Hebrew tutor brought her friend and mentioned that she always calls her after she leaves our house to talk about how he’s doing. Such love!

Our past two babysitters, who are really family to us, were both there and they were gushing over him. He is a flirt and he loves the attention. I particularly like when I can see the realization on his face that someone was there where he wouldn’t expect them to be. I know he knows it was for him. I had a private moment with him on the bench our front of the yogurt shop. He was snuggling with me, another reason he is quite the charmer, no one snuggles like this boy, and I whispered to him “Bryan, this is all for you. People are here because they love you.” He knows, believe me. One thing I know about kids, they know who loves them and is genuine. So I think he responds to people because they respond to him. Our speech therapist and occupational therapist also fawn all over him. Some combination of the great hair, the “i love yous” and the eagerness to learn capture their attention. He is delishy.

Ok, it’s not all rosy, we know that, but somehow these people see past all of the autism stuff to the boy. They can ignore the screaming, the pinching, the repeating because they are trained and loving and because they share only a portion of his time. Also, and thankfully, kids usually offer up their worst behavior to their parents, how typical, love it!! I would take all of the nonsense in the world to know that he presents himself well to the outside world; after all that is where he is going to live. Yes, my boy is a charmer and I dig it.


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