It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

Yep, yesterday was the first official pity party of 2012. I allow myself two per year and that is it.  I cried all day.  Earl drove the boys to their respective activities; he always knows when I am beyond.  I am completely and utterly overwhelmed right now. It’s funny that I am usually on it […]

I’m a donkey on the edge!

Whew I am beyond. Here are the events as they have unfolded: 1. I sent a camp form to Bryan’s teacher a few weeks ago. She’s awesome so I was surprised not to get it back. I emailed her, she said she sent it back the day I sent it to her. Hmm, what the […]

Ad Nauseum

I am a walking advertisement for autism awareness. I am not sure exactly how this happened but I realize, based upon conversations I have with people that I am always raising awareness. I have autism shirts, pins, necklaces, bracelets, jackets, sunglasses, backpacks, bags, earrings, etc. If they had cats on them you would think I was […]

He has needs too…

We went to a parent/teacher conference yesterday morning with Jason’s teacher. I am going to say I even though we went because I am feeling like a piece of crap; no not that good. This does not take anything away from Earl; he is a great parent and he is processing info too, but this […]

Fat Chance

Ok, I admit, I am fired up this morning. Did you hear the news? Autism is now tied to obesity. Happy F-g Monday. That’s so funny because I was never overweight at all until I battled all of this depressing and crazy nonsense I deal with on a daily basis. I actually think rather than […]