Fireworks, Calliopes and Clowns

I took a long walk tonight. Warm, clear, South Florida night. Typically I would have a small person or dog in tow, but tonight I went by myself. I needed to go to Walgreens to pick up Bryan’s prescriptions, a drug run of sorts. It’s about 3/4 mile away and just seemed like a good thing to do. Listening to music on my iphone, feeling the sun on my back I realized this was a moment to exhale. Both boys went back to school today after Spring Break. Bryan typically would be crying and crying or vomiting but he only had a few tears and held it together. He has been better lately in every way. Jason spent most of Sunday afternoon with my sister, running errands and helping her. So sweet.

Saturday night we had friends over for pizza and subs; low-key, relaxing. They have a similar situation to us; first boy on the spectrum, second boy typical. Their older son and Bryan are in the same class. The young ones get along great. They share a bond that is inexplicable to most. They can relax. Neither one of them is phased at all by the other one’s older brother. They relate well and had so much fun together. The sheer ease of it was great for all of us as adults too. There is something so incredibly relaxing about being with another family with a child on the spectrum. They get it, and like most of the people we like to surround ourselves with, they also see the humor in the completely humorless.

On Sunday our parents and my sister and a family friend came over for a bbq. Earl made one of his famous bbq feasts. No one ever leaves our house hungry, not for days. There was no drama, no issues, no problems. Just a nice family Sunday  evening in our home. We each have good jobs, our kids are healthy, we laugh a lot. Take a snapshot because the other shoe can drop at any time.


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