Are you the head nurse?

Earl loves that joke. Whenever either of us has been in the hospital or ER for any reason he always jokes, “hey are you the head nurse?”. He does not actually say that to the nurses; or does not usually, but like all corny husband jokes, it gets a chuckle or an eye roll from me.

The boys rocked the medical appointments this week. Some kids go to the beach or vacation on Spring Break, my kids, they go for check-ups. To me, if they get  good reports, that beats tequila shots in Cancun any day. On Wednesday was the blood work and as I described before, they sat like perfect little angels to give 5 vials of blood each. Yesterday, I took both boys to the dentist and they listened, followed directions, and came out without cavities. Bryan went to the psychiatrist on Thursday afternoon. Our sitter brought the boys there and Earl met them there. We have so many appointments we do ‘divide and conquer’ to get it all done.  Our psychiatrist said this was the best she has ever seen him. She had an opportunity to talk with him alone and that has never happened before. I am very happy about this because it is so important for him to learn how to function on his own and answer questions. At times I feel like he does not answer waiting for me to, or will give any kind of answer that pops in his head because I will correct it. I am learning how to back off (well I’m trying to learn how to back off!!) Earl also made a point with her not to talk about him like he isn’t there. Go Daddy!!  Bryan does seem “clearer” and we decided to keep the meds as they are; no changes, no increases in dosage,  and nothing new and experimental. Earl took Jason to the psychologist while Bryan went to the speech therapist (wow I’m pooped just typing all of this).  Sessions were good, uneventful. I think uneventful is my new favorite word.

Today we went to the orthodontist. Jason had to have his palate expander checked and the orthodontist was very pleased with him because he has been so diligent with his nighttime headgear. Jason is making great progress. Bryan had to have a 360 scan and a consultation. Bryan needed to sit still for this scan. I told the nurse I should come back with her but first she wanted to try on her own. She then came to get me to ask me if I could get him to stay still. I brought the drill sergeant aka Jason and he got Bryan to stay still. Bryan completely trusts him and Jason knows how to step his game when necessary.  He was so funny, “hey buddy you just have to stay still for one minute and then you are done”. Bryan did, but I caved. I told them both if they were good listeners we could go to Game Stop and/or Target to get a little something. Some folks might call that a bribe, I call it an incentive. Either way, they both did what was expected of them with no problems, no fuss, no drama. I know some of the success comes from familiarity. They have a lot of doctor’s appointments so they know how to behave at doctor’s appointments. I also am hopeful that Bryan’s ability to succeed at these appointments has something to do with maturity. Next week is the endocrinologist and I am hopeful to continue our streak.


6 thoughts on “Are you the head nurse?

  1. Each time I hear (or read about) Jason starting a sentence when addressing Bryan with ‘Hey Buddy” my heart just melts. The tenderness between those 2 boys is… delicious as you like to say.
    You are such a wonderful Mommy. x

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