Bizarro World

Both boys have growth issues. Jason only has half of his pituitary gland and is growth hormone deficient. He has gotten growth hormone injections since he is 18 months old; he gets these injections every night at bedtime. Bryan stopped growing between ages 4 and 5 and was diagnosed with idiopathic short stature (doesn’t grow on his own, not sure why). Bryan also gets nightly injections of growth hormone. They have no issues with these injections; they take them without tears, flinching, no problem. It is a fact of their lives and they accept it. So we see a pediatric endocrinologist every 3 months to check on the growth hormone, check their growth, etc.  Prior to our appointments the boys have to have blood work. It is critical as their bodies develop and grow that the doctor checks their blood to make sure they are not prone to diabetes or have any adverse reactions to the growth hormone. For Bryan this is particularly tricky since he takes other meds prescribed by the psychiatrist. Yesterday we went for blood work. We have no problems at all with blood work; both boys know what to expect and they sit with the tourniquet and needle like an adult, actually better than some adults. Just another round of blood work, no big deal. In fact Jason was worried yesterday that the blood work was supposed to be fasting and they had eaten breakfast. I assured him it was not fasting and that we were ok.

This morning we went to the dentist. Both boys needed a check up and a teeth cleaning. We go to the most phenomenal dentist on the planet. He does NOT charge for special needs kids. He has a great practice and it’s his way of helping the community. The nurses take both boys back and I just sit in the waiting room. Did you hear that? I took my special needs child to the dentist and actually read a magazine in the waiting room. The first time we went there and the nurse came to get the boys, Jason didn’t know that the whole staff knew that Bryan had autism. So he stopped the nurse on the way in and said “I just have to tell you, my brother is a little crazy.” He said it in a soft caring voice, a four year old not really well versed in the autism lingo. At 9 he can now explain it better than most.

They both got a great report at the dentist; no cavities, yay!! We decided to stop at Target on our way home. I needed a few groceries and I told them they could each get some sugarless gum. We are walking through Target and Jason is doing his typical negotiating for toys. All of a sudden Bryan starts to cough, and then puke. I didn’t see that coming at all. He is puking and saying “I can have a snack” at the same time. Now he is screaming and crying and carrying on. He pinched me and we alerted the clerk to clean up and left abruptly. What’s easy is hard and what’s hard is easy. Welcome to Bizarro Spring Break!!


7 thoughts on “Bizarro World

  1. I had growth hormone issues as a child myself, 25 years ago when those shots were still considered experimental. They do work and your sons’ lives will be much better for it.

  2. Two of my boys are on growth hormones too. I thought we were early starting at 2 and 4. They have grown tremendously! I wish I had them as a kid being 5 feet tall. Me ped whoi got rid of when my youngest starting having seizures as a baby and yelled at me, story for another time,told me there was no way they had growth hormone deficiency since I am so small. When you are not growing , you would think she would have noticed that as a sign. Such a moron.

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