Barking up the wrong tree!

I am working only in the afternoons this week, it’s spring break here and the boys are off from school. Typically we send them to camp but not this year.  So this morning I decided to take them to the new dog park we have here in town called Barkland. It is a really nice dog park and our mini Aussie Riggs, who is almost 7, loves to run and play with the other dogs. I didn’t get 5 ft into this park when an older woman with a young man about 16 (grandmother and grandson) who are their with their Sheltie, come over and ask me a bunch of questions about Riggs. Apparently they cannot get over how fast he runs, how sweet he is, and did I ever think of doing agility stuff with him.  All good, he is a great doggie.

Bryan does not care at all about dogs or cats. He essentially ignores Riggs and our cat Casey. I think he truly likes them but because we have always had at least one dog and a cat, it doesn’t mean that much to him. Riggs, as a herding dog, is super protective of the kids, particularly Bryan. If there is any horseplay in the house, he barks and gets in between the kids or the adults and kids. Riggs flat-out does not like anyone messing with Bryan. Ok, back to the story. Bryan and I went to sit on a bench; he doesn’t want to be at this activity and basically is tolerating it while Jason enjoys running with Riggs, seeing other dogs, and throwing a ball. So this woman comes over and is talking on and on to me about dogs and shelters, and other nonsense. Bryan has been jumping, flapping his arms and asking for lunch a bunch of times, the usual. She looks at Bryan and says to me “have you ever considered doing horses for the handicapped?” Ok, ok, ok. I have listened to your nonsense for long enough. Who asked you lady? Can’t I just sit on a park bench like the rest of the world? Do I have to discuss my family business with every dope that walks along? I know you are probably thinking I’m being harsh. It reminded me of when I was pregnant; everyone has a comment on your appearance and touches you and guesses the sex of the child. Very strange, really.

Don’t get me wrong, I love when people provide info and want to help. I appreciate when people, who I’m engaging with, offer their words of experience and wisdom. But, unsolicited, uninformed advice, well keep that one to yourself. I am just a Mom, enjoying a beautiful sunny morning with her two sons and her dog. Can’t that just be enough for 30 mins??

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