You always bring others happiness

The title of this post was Jason’s fortune from his fortune cookie that he opened earlier tonight. How fitting that he should receive such a fortune when I have been thinking all day about him and what a wonderful brother he is to Bryan.

Yesterday Bryan, Jason, and I were doing our normal Saturday drive to East Boca, about 35 mins door to door. Bryan has a social speech group, 30 mins of OT and then Jason has 30 mins of OT. Bryan loves this therapy and typically is excited to go. For some reason on the drive, Bryan was in the front with me and Jason sitting right behind me, Bryan began crying and getting very upset. He kept saying all sorts of things like “I don’t want to go to group”. “I don’t want to see Danielle (one of his friends in the group and a bunch of other random anxiety filled comments. I was trying to calm him down. Jason, however, was unbelievable. He was nonstop trying to think of every thing he could come up with to distract Bryan and get him to calm down. After about 15 mins or so, Bryan did calm down, but it took a lot of energy, effort, and patience. I apologize for bragging, but I am not sure if I’m bragging or just in awe of him. How does he do it? His compassion and love for his brother and us is astonishing. I am so proud. I have to remind myself when he is not listening or being fresh that he deals with so much and although he leaves his dishes on the table, never puts his stuff away, and almost always forgets to make his bed, he has mastered what many adults can never and will never do.

Today we went to my cousin’s daughter’s Bat Mitzvah party. Bryan absolutely loves getting dressed up. The first time we ever got him dressed for a Bat Mitzvah party was about 6 years ago. I was dreading putting him in a shirt and tie, thinking he would be very uncomfortable, but instead, he looked at himself in the mirror and said “I’m handsome”. Trust me, he was!!! Bryan was fairly well behaved at the party, but he lasts about 2 hours at anything and then he is DONE. I was ok with that, but since the minute he woke up this morning he has been repeating the same three things all day. I know he is more aware now and all he has to do is see my face (play poker with me anytime, I have no poker face and you will definitely win) and he knows he is frustrating me. I am trying even harder to dig deeper and not lose my patience because I know he gets it more, so the hurt will sting more fiercely. I would give me a B- in mastering this behavior; making progress, but still needing improvement. When we got home from the party, I was shot. Bryan went to play Wii, Jason was watching tv. I sat down to collect myself and Jason wanted me to go on the trampoline with him. All I could think to myself is everyone leave me alone!!!! Ugh. I asked Jason if he could give me 30 mins to decompress. Bryan kept coming in and repeating again. I started to cry. Jason got up and said to Bryan, let’s go play and do something fun and leave Mommy alone.  He is an angel.


7 thoughts on “You always bring others happiness

  1. You are obviously doing a great job! Jason is a wonderful brother and he and Bryan have a great bond since Jason is able to calm him when others can’t. Thanks for sharing, I always appreciate your stories.

  2. What a wonderful post. You are right these sweet siblings have so much on their plates. As tough as it is for them, we must remember the character it is building for them, and Jason is certainly showing that. XOXO

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