Division of Labor

I know who I am. I am not the most creative Mom; I am not good at teaching lessons,  creating cool games, or making math fun. We have a trampoline and I do go on that with them! I do homework with the boys, but any sort of creative posters, dioramas, etc., that goes to Earl. He is so creative, so good at taking an assignment with the boys and bringing it to life. I don’t cook, although Jason says I make good chicken nuggets. I do ok with breakfast and I make a good sandwich!!  Some moms make really well-balanced creative meals, not me. I always feel so bad when I hear about other moms who home school or redo the kids lessons with them. I love to read with the boys, and try to go over Bryan’s speech materials, but that’s about it. I do a lot of laundry, but admittedly,  I am not great at folding…

I do have some strengths however and I think this is why I have the kids that I have. I am pushy, yet polite, and I am extremely action oriented.  Don’t mess with me if you have something I need for my kid and you’re holding it back. I am good at researching treatments, doctors, programs and following up. I know exactly what has gone on with each of the boys, meds, treatments, programs and I will take you down if you don’t give me what I need for my fellas. I am fair-minded, though, and try to take the info from where it’s coming and digest it accordingly. I am also super affectionate and feel compelled to kiss and hug my boys multiple times each day whether they like it or not. I am also good at making sure they are super clean; they shower each day and I am particularly tough on the hair situation. To me there is nothing more vile than going to hug a kid and smell dirty hair, yuck!

Why am I talking about this, why does anyone need to know this? I am thinking about this so much as I talk to other parents about middle school. In order to evaluate where Bryan is going, we need to think about what we do for him and with him. I am reflecting on my skills so I can make sure I am realistic, honest and working with Earl in a pure way to get him to the best place he can be, not doing what may be best for us or Jason. We need to make sure we are doing what is best for him, no matter what. But  advocacy is only part of it. That is my strength. This morning Bryan was coughing a lot. He has a residual cough from his cold last week. Bryan has an easy puke trigger and the coughing led to vomiting which also led to crying and a headache and not wanting to go to school. Earl handles this much better than me and luckily for everyone he takes them to school. We have a rhythmic division of labor in our house. Somehow they seem to get over things much quicker with him than me. Must be the deep voice.


5 thoughts on “Division of Labor

  1. Thanks for a good laugh. My daughter has any easy “puke trigger” too whenever she gets congested! Glad you’re also at a loss for how to make math fun. I wish I had that talent. Math is such a struggle in our house. I agree with you that we were given our children because of our unique talents. I really enjoyed this post.

  2. My husband is the creator of order in our household, routine, etc. He also has spent a lot of time practicing humor with our kids. It is because of him, that they have such a slapstick, goofy sense of humor. I am the mama bear. Don’t mess with my cubs! And I do the research and go to conferences.

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