Solving the Puzzle

The puzzle piece has been established as the symbol for autism awareness.  Organizations talk about solving the puzzle of autism. I find this somewhat ironic since Bryan always loved to do puzzles when he was young. Most of us  look at the picture of the puzzle on the box, start with the frame, and work inside. […]

Break on through to the other side

It’s hard to describe certain feelings. Some interesting things are happening. Bryan’s language seems to be coming along. We are noticing a lot more complete sentences, some new expressive language, and some questions. Hmm. I have also noticed lately a lot more meaningful eye contact. He holds the eye contact much longer, so he’s not […]

Division of Labor

I know who I am. I am not the most creative Mom; I am not good at teaching lessons,  creating cool games, or making math fun. We have a trampoline and I do go on that with them! I do homework with the boys, but any sort of creative posters, dioramas, etc., that goes to […]

State of Confusion

Florida is a horrible state for autism. Yep, it’s true. When we moved here and Bryan was 4 it was insane the amount of calls, research, meetings it took just to figure out where he could attend Pre-k. So why did we move here and why do we stay? These are excellent questions. We moved […]


Last night I got a message from a friend that she had met with her son’s school psychologist to go over his evaluation. It’s a goddamn nightmare if your kid has autism. You feel like Joe Frazier staring down a Muhammad Ali right hook and there’s no where to duck. She was distraught… If you […]

29 years of a missed Valentine

My Pop, the beloved Victor Henschel, died 29 years ago today on Valentine’s Day. The irony of losing the sweetest grandfather/father on earth is not lost on his grandchildren/children. For years we did not celebrate this day in the usual jovial way, even if it is a made up commercial holiday. For years just hearing […]

I need a miracle every day.

Last night we got into our car at Ft. Lauderdale airport after 4 days in NY and we hear on the radio “I need a miracle”. Damn straight we do. I need to vent. I need to contact the State Dept. I guarantee Bryan could get any suspected criminal or terrorist to break. Can you […]