Extremophiles Unite!

I have this great daily calendar on my desk at work. Each day there is a new word to learn and it contains a definition and the use of the word in a sentence. Some of the words are really strange and you know you will never use them; others are interesting and fun. We joke about them sometimes at work and try to use them in our sentences. When we do use these new words we think we are very clever!

Over the weekend one of the words was extremophile. The definition is : an organism that lives under extreme environmental conditions. My friend told me I am an extremophile. Gee, just my luck, couldn’t have skinny legs, but this I get!! It was sort of funny because I do not really perceive myself as living under extreme conditions. It’s all what you get used to. I seriously do not subscribe to feeling sorry for myself (exept for my 2 pity parties each year). I feel capable, motivated and focused. But, every now and then you realize that there are extreme conditions present here. Yesterday Jason wanted to come home from school early. This was about his 3rd time at the nurse’s office in two weeks. The nurse lets him call us, what’s up with that? Could you imagine when you were a kid the nurse allowing you to call? And, just for the record, she is not a nurse, she’s an aide at school who stays in the “clinic”. I think they have 2 bandaids and an ice pack. Sometimes it’s a parent volunteer. I won’t tell the school that I’m a juris doctor, I might get recruited!! Back to Jason; something is going on there. He is overwhelmed by his class. The teacher is trying to make a man out of him whether he likes it or not. I truly believe he has some sort of ADD, he doesn’t focus well, and is so easily distracted. Last night I tried to do homework with him. He seems lazy, uninterested in doing well, yet if he gets a bad grade he’s mad. I lost it with him and let him have it both barrels. ugh. He wants me to help him but he’s fresh and stubborn. Then, and this is the worst part, he makes a pouty face that is my face and my body language exactly. Fuck this, payback is the nastiest bitch of all. After a while we got it together and finished up. We have a conference with his teacher on Thurs morning. She’s one tough cookie and she took me down last time. To her credit, she knows him well and made some very insightful comments that I needed to hear. This time I’m bringing reinforcements….

Here’s what I came home to last night. Bryan was having a complete meltdown in the afternoon. Don’t ask my what do I think triggered it because if I stood on my head, or asked him a thousand times I would not know. He is also not emotionally mature enough or adept with language to tell us. Truthfully he may not even know himself. I would bet puberty is the catalyst if not the cause. So when I got home Jason had a nice chunk of skin taken out of the side of his face and a deep bloody scratch on the back of his neck. Just another day in paradise. Bryan was punished and he knows his behavior was unacceptable but he just laughs. And not a nervous chuckle either, a full-blown out gigglefest. I would join in too if it wasn’t so disturbing. Non-stop inappropriate laughter=extreme condition in my environment. I guess I am an extremophile!


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