I wish I was a headlight on a north bound train…

Another GD lyric; the metaphors are beautiful and vivid. Bryan’s trip to Sea World was a huge success on every level. I received a text on Thurs morning that said that the Asst Principal who was on the trip said Bryan is doing great and he wishes he had 100 Bryans. Yay!!!!! Jason and I went to pick him up and what was great about the reunion was that it wasn’t exceptional. He didn’t stand out. He just saw us, came over and gave hugs and kisses. “Hi Mom, I missed you.” He and Jason hugged and then we got in the car. Bryan asked, “Where’s Dad?” Funny he doesn’t say Mommy and Daddy anymore, just Mom and Dad. He exhibited no signs of anxiety or stress, he was just tired as anyone would be from an overnight that surely did not foster a good night’s sleep. He got home and chilled out. Our dear friend arrived from Atlanta, and he was happy to see her. He was relaxed and then of course, so were we! He took my ipad and started watching one of his favorite youtube videos of Spongebob. He was by himself just giggling. Jason and I were on the couch smiling at each other and then Jason said “I missed that sound.” (yes he’s 9 but he’s an old soul)

I can’t figure things out. I thought this trip would be hard for him, I thought there would be anxiety, vomiting and mad perseveration. Instead I got nothing but a relaxed and happy boy. I’m not complaining, just observing. What you expect to be hard turns out to be easy and vice versa. I take the boys for blood work every 3 months and he just sits and does it like it’s nothing. He even sort of looks forward to it because we go to the same lab and often have the same man take his blood. But, if we go to my aunt’s house for dinner he gets emotional and worried about when we are going to leave. If I brace myself for tough news at one of the doctors’ offices or school, it is smooth and upbeat. If I go in without a clue, whack, I get some sort of crazy news right between the eyes.

Today we go back to the regular schedule, speech, OT and soccer. The routine is comforting for everyone:

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