It’s a family affair.

So Bryan and the fifth grade class will leave for Sea World at noon and they come back tomorrow night; pick up is at 10pm at school. Deep breaths!!! Last night I took the boys to Target, they both have some Hanukkah money left and they are in search of Legos. Jason wants that Harry Potter Hogwarts Express and it is not out right now. I guess it’s the post-Christmas empty shelf thing. We bought two small Lego sets, a Spongebob for Bryan and  Batman for Jason. In the store I asked Bryan if he was excited for the Sea World trip. He said “yeah”. This is not a bad thing. He either does not have anxiety about it or he is keeping it in check, either way I’m not complaining. Jason, on the other hand, says to me, “Mommy I am worried about Bryan. What if the same thing happens at Sea World that happened at Talisman?” (If you are new to my blog see entry “Lost in Translation” about Bryan getting lost at Talisman Camp). I pulled him aside and told him not to say this in front of Bryan and we could speak later about it. But, of course, it’s right there. I did my best to get on with the purchases and go home. We ate dinner, I packed up Bryan’s stuff, half excited, half anxious. Interestingly enough Earl let Bryan sleep in our bed with us. For him this was a concession but at the same time I know we both wanted to hold him close. For me, a slice of heaven, I can breathe him in and snuggle.

Jason always goes to sleep after Bryan. Bryan absolutely loves to go to bed and you never have to “put him to bed”. Sometimes he will ask me to come up with him but then he is out in two minutes. Jason started telling me that he is really going to miss Bryan. So cute, but knowing Jason it is that he feels what we feel; great for Bryan to go but a little bit tentative in being too excited. This morning Bryan decided he wanted to take a bath instead of a shower. I was happy about that because that means he will let me wash his hair; it is an incredible sensory experience for both of us to wash that hair. You really have to get in there. He stayed in the bath extra long and I am proud that he will be the cleanest, “sparkliest” kid on the trip.

Jason took a shower as he does every day. When he got out he called for me and said he needed to tell me something. He said “Mom I am so proud of Bryan”. I teared up and he said “Don’t cry Mommy, he will have a fun trip.” I told him like I always do, “I’m not sad, it’s love cry.” I kissed and hugged Bryan a few times before I left, careful not to overdo it or get emotional. I don’t want him to think we have any worries about him or the trip. He really seemed ok. He said “I’ll see you tomorrow at 10 at school.”

A little while ago Earl called to tell me the drop off at school went really well.  He said Bryan seemed really excited to go, no tears at all. He gave the aide at school who is going with him all of his stuff and she also is very excited. He said “Daddy, I’ll miss you. Mommy will be pick me up tomorrow at 10” and said goodbye. Growing pains today!!


4 thoughts on “It’s a family affair.

  1. It’s natural to have a little anxiety–but how wonderful it is that he can go and you can feel comfortable enough to let it happen! You do so much to open every door for Bryan…and it’s obvious you’ve done a great job with Jason–so much empathy–so much love!

    1. Pammy, you are so sweet. The autism coach at school emailed me to say Jason was giving Bryan’s aide a whole list of things she needs to know for Bryan. So funny. Thanks for always bringing me in off he ledge. XXX

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