Why ask why?

A very common question that we get is, why do you think Bryan has autism, was he born with it (WTF?), was it the vaccines, did you take any meds? Interestingly enough last night there was one of those attorney ads, you know the ones where they say, “if you took an anti-depressant while pregnant such as prozac, zoloft, lexapro… and your child has learning disabilities, please call joe lawyer at 555-5555 to get in on the class action”). Jason says, listen Mommy they said Lexapro. Sad, but true, that the boy knows I take lexapro. Great if the paramedics ever need to come and ask him, “does your mom regularly take any meds?” Guess I need to let him know about the Xanax too. But, strangely enough, the only thing I could think of was “who takes an anti-depressant before they have kids?” Oy. Anyway, back to the topic.

As you can imagine we do not truly know why he has autism. The question typically comes from someone with a toddler or a baby and they want to know my thoughts on vaccines. Or, it comes from someone much older shaking their head at this crazy epidemic. Jason has asked too, he wants to know why his brother is different. My answer, my belief, is that there is some sort of genetic predisposition awakened by an environmental trigger. Vaccines? maybe. Why does a kid need to get that whole big MMR vaccine at age 1? I don’t go there too often, I feel the vomit creep up in my throat every time I even entertain the idea that I drove this precious kid and held him while they gave him injections that may have altered his entire life. Hence, the need for the anti-depressant. Ugh.


4 thoughts on “Why ask why?

  1. I stopped asking “why” a long time ago. It doesn’t matter to my kid why or how he “got” autism. It’s now come down to the fact that it’s part of him, and now I have to do what I can to treat him in the present.
    By the way, the blog looks so pretty!

  2. Oh yeah – I LOVE what you said about “Who needs an antidepressant BEFORE kids?” *raising hand* Another member of the Lexapro club here. I think the committee who diagnoses children with autism should just have a stock on hand to pass to the parent.

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