So Far, So Good

First blog of the new year! So last night we did not have a babysitter and we ordered in Chinese food and watched TV. I stand by my Dick Clark comments; the make up alone was brutal, orange face and purple stripes for “blush”. Not a good look, unless you are going for that whole zombie thing. Ok, off track already. So I opened my fortune cookie and it said “You have a optimistic view of life”.  “A” optimistic? My fortune cookie had a grammatical error.WTF? Come on that’s just wrong. How can I possibly believe in what it says when it can’t even say it correctly? I admit that my faith in the upcoming new year was already shaken, but this, my fortune cookie, my little piece of cheesy heaven, was a disaster. Of all of us in our house, I am the only one that would be truly disturbed by this, oh the irony!! I am proud to say I managed to move past this new year setback. Bryan slept late both Saturday morning (we got home late from the Rangers giving the Panthers a nice spanking) and then this morning too. What is late? Saturday morning until 8:45 ( a new Bryan record, of course not counting any fevers) and today until 7:15. Ok, so he had medicine, but I will take this any time.

Today we really had no definitive plans. A little cleaning up, a little Publix, always a little laundry. The weather is spectacular and I took my coffee outside this morning to read a book. I didn’t get a lot of quiet time, but just a few minutes on a beautiful morning sitting outside in my PJs was so nice. Later on we met our friends for an outdoor lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants. Our friends were visiting from NY; they have a vacation place here and we try to see them on every visit. They are the easiest friends. One of those couples where all four of us get along well. It just works, it’s effortless and warm. Their daughter is a delight and truly is the personification of a great kid. The lunch was a catch-up event filled with some laughs and acknowledgement of the upcoming year. On the way home Earl and I were talking about what great friends they are and I just felt good.

We are going up to NY in a few weeks and I always look forward to that. We are having dinner with some new friends next weekend and then celebrating my Mom’s birthday (don’t worry Mom I won’t tell anyone it’s your 60th) with a swanky cocktail party. Bryan and Jason have gotten along well over the week and I am always in awe of their relationship.  Here’s the icing, tomorrow they have school and I don’t have work. Yep, you heard it right. Taking them to school, going to the gym, meeting a friend for lunch. If I had a tennis skirt, I might even wear it. So far, so good.


2 thoughts on “So Far, So Good

  1. My last Chinese fortune cookie said “Help! I’m stuck in a fortune cookie factory!”. (hee hee) Very excited about our relaxing kid-free afternoon tomorrow!

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