Extremophiles Unite!

I have this great daily calendar on my desk at work. Each day there is a new word to learn and it contains a definition and the use of the word in a sentence. Some of the words are really strange and you know you will never use them; others are interesting and fun. We […]

It’s alright now

On Friday I got an Outlook invitation at work from a woman who I would call a “good acquaintance”. We have a mutual friend at work and have had several conversations but we don’t know each other that well. It was a lunch invite and in the body of the email it said “my daughter […]

Call me Cindy

Ok, here’s something not nice to say. I say when I go to Disney World that I am a super model, if you have been you know what I’m talking about. And trust me, I’m no super model. This is particularly true at the Water Parks in July. But modeling, whether by Cindy Crawford or […]

It had to end sometime.

I have been on Cloud 9 since Bryan came back from Sea World. We learned more about the trip and he seemed to have managed well. He even tried to push his aide away during mealtimes so he could eat with his friends. ALL GOOD. Today is a quintessential day in the life of a family […]

It’s a family affair.

So Bryan and the fifth grade class will leave for Sea World at noon and they come back tomorrow night; pick up is at 10pm at school. Deep breaths!!! Last night I took the boys to Target, they both have some Hanukkah money left and they are in search of Legos. Jason wants that Harry […]

Theory of Relativity

I am going to take some poetic license here. One of the strange things that parents do, and it’s human nature,  is compare their kids to other kids. We know we are not supposed to, but, who always does what they are supposed to do? And, even if you don’t admit to it, it still […]