It never gets old

I joined a whole bunch of Jewish people today at the Festival Flea Market in Pompano. It is really the only shopping open on Xmas Day and you can seriously tell that these folks are “members of the tribe”. It is the epitome of shit shopping and is fun if you don’t really need anything. What is special there? Tye dyes, pickles, old make up, hair products,  scarves, hair toys and crappy handbags. Gotta love it. Of course there is a food court, stocked with knishes and kosher dogs.

I met my Mom there this morning for the ritual.  The only thing I really needed was shampoo and conditioner, the kind you can use when you have your hair chemically straightened, which I do.  We walked up and down, with no purpose but to have a laugh. We stopped at the scarf lady and she had some cute stuff and we each picked out 2 scarves. Then my Mom treated me. Now if you know my folks, this is not a big surprise, they are beyond generous, but it was the fun of it. Everyone loves to be a kid and be treated. I really didn’t get Hanukkah presents this year so it was nice and fun. We also stopped at a place that sold Sugar Lips tanks, which are great, and again, my Mom treated me. It sounds silly but it really made my day. I know how much the boys love when they get a treat, and I swear it never gets old. It’s not the item, but the gesture. For me, at this point in my life, it’s the time. It is tough for me to get time alone with either of my folks and just have a laugh or relax. On Thursday I got out of work early and went to their house for an hour before I had to pick up the boys at speech therapy. My Dad is interested in getting an iphone and we spent about 30 mins going over mine and then my Mom showed me some jewelry and shoes she was going to wear to an upcoming wedding. Then I had this morning with my Mom at the Flea. These times create memories like little precious jewels you tuck away in a drawer and bring out when you need them.

We are now going to my Aunt’s house for a Hanukkah party. Seems funny to pack bathing suits for the kids, but hey, it’s Florida, and that’s what is appropriate. Bryan has a lot of anxiety about going. I made him an index card, (this is something we do to lessen anxiety, we write down what we are doing for the next 4 or 5 hours, including coming home) and he can take it out of his pocket as needed.  We will be saying “look at your card” all day. Merry Christmas to all!

3 thoughts on “It never gets old

  1. This particular post brought me to tears. There is nothing better than time spent with your parents. And, I understand completely the joy you experienced with your Mom and the little “treats.”
    Those are the moments I cherish the most when I think about my Mom. They are priceless and I carry them in my heart–as I know you do. I see your Pop in you, Jane. There’s just something about you that is really special.

  2. I have been reiterating to my sisters that we HAVE to go to the Festival before they go home this year. Everyone has to experience it at least once – 🙂 . (FYI – that’s one of my fav places to buy nail polish!)

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